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Stop penalizing yourself.

OcularIP boosts SLA reporting to save our users $356/circuit/year on average, and that’s not the half of it.

Stop the race to zero with the Business Service Portal. Differentiate your services to win and retain high-value accounts, increase cash flow, and really grow.

Experience OcularIP

Save thousands in backhaul penalties each month.

OcularIP automates and boosts compliance through unique exclusion periods and smart maintenance calculations. Using data from your current technologies, systems, and workflows, OcularIP’s analytics intelligence improves all dimensions of your networks performance – like no other performance monitoring software.

Meet SLA requirements & reduce fees

Meet SLA requirements & reduce fees

Carriers report a reduction in failure calculations and payouts to Tier1 providers by a ratio of 8 to 1.

Only OcularIP does off-net reporting

See your entire network together to mitigate issues, cut penalties and optimize performance.

Up and running within hours

Up and running within hours

OcularIP is cloud-native, easy to deploy, and so intuitive most people don’t require training.

Business Service Portal

Business Service Portal

Give your customers a custom Portal - within days.

The Business Service Portal powers your revenue

by making it quick and easy to offer your customers a branded portal.

Easily create custom portal offerings

to wow prospects and shorten the sales cycle.

Dont discount your service.
Differentiate it.

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Proven by 140+ service providers worldwide.

Consolidated Communications


Seamlessly integrates with 450+ technologies.

Accedian ciena Calix Cisco Nokia Connectbase

SLA Consulting

SLA Consulting

Save thousands on top of thousands!

Consult with our SLA Business Analysts. We'll show you how to take full advantage of OcularIP and implement industry best practices to dramatically improve your results.

We have proven our network optimization process hundreds of times with hundreds of carriers and have consistently generated massive improvements - saving carriers hundreds of thousands of dollars each month. Now, it's your turn.

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98% of our clients choose to stay with OcularIP month after month, year after year.

“It’s not our network – it was our old reporting! OcularIP shows the real quality performance of our network.”

- VP Network, $1 Billion Carrier

“OcularIP has driven costs out of our compliance management while providing a foundation for a digitized customer experience.”

- Scott Bierman, President B2 Telecom

“What used to take a week to complete, now takes an hour to prepare! We’re able to fully satisfy the complex SLA reporting requirements of our most important customers.”

- Dennis Francis, President, Conterra Broadband


Get ahead.

Our resources will help you learn and grow.

Experience OcularIP

See the details and the dollars.

Take OcularIP for a test drive! See how it helps you prove and improve your service, easily comply with SLA requirements, reduce costs, and win new customers – all for a remarkable ROI and with no long-term contracts.