2023 Telecom Selling Challenges and Solutions: Part 1

April 10, 2023|LB Networks

It’s no secret that telecom sales have changed:

  • Customers expect more but are harder to reach
  • Quotas are bigger
  • Service offerings are ubiquitous
  • There’s more competition

Based on surveys from Channel Magazine, HubSpot’s 2022 Sales Strategy & Trends Report, and Sales Key Challenges for 2023, we’ve compiled insights from over 1,000 sales professionals. Across these studies there are five main challenges:

  • Standing out [vs. competition]
  • Meeting (and exceeding) quotas
  • Connecting with prospects
  • Keeping prospects engaged
  • Alignment with marketing

Getting clarity on the challenges from last year helps you plan to win. And, with the right tools, there is opportunity. In its first few months, the new Business Service Portal has proven to be the perfect solution to triumph over 2023’s challenges and establish a strong foundation for success.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a closer look at each of these challenges and sharing solutions that have proven their effectiveness and can be easily and quickly implemented in 2023. Identifying key challenges and determining strategies for 2023 was no small feat, but knowing them could make all the difference for your revenue and margin success.

Read on to make 2023 your best sales year yet!


Challenge 1: Standing out [vs. competition]

Standing out from the competition is key! Establishing your USP (unique selling proposition) helps you distinguish your company from other businesses in your industry and better communicate your specific value to customers.

Use BSP as Your USP

In an industry flooded with an abundance of similar options like telecommunications, clearly establishing to clients what your company offers (and doesn’t!) are key to driving sales.

You must understand your competitors.

  • What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Which features do they consistently highlight?
  • How do they position against you?

Discovering your USP starts with knowing what makes your solution special — once you define your target markets and cater your offerings to appeal to that segment of buyers, you’ll be in a solid position to stand out from your competition.


How LB Networks can help you address this challenge:

Customize, communicate, and collaborate all in one app!

“The Business Service Portal is a competitive differentiator for us. After helping us win a 500+ site account, it is now the core of our customer experience,” a VP of Product Management for a nationwide carrier recently shared.

“With the new Business Service Portal, carriers can stop discounting their services and start differentiating their company,” shared Ben Edmond, CEO of ConnectBase. “The Business Service Portal is designed to help carriers wow prospects and win new accounts, not to mention to protect and grow their existing accounts.”

The Business Service Portal is a revenue-generating customer service portal. BSP leverages the foundation of OcularIP.  Carriers can easily customize everything from branding to screen tiles and reports, plus take advantage of the comprehensive go-to-market launch program!


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2023 may hold some challenges for salespeople, but within every obstacle is opportunity.

With persistence, adaptability, and LB Networks on your side, sales teams will be able to thrive in this new landscape.

Contact us today to learn how the Business Service Portal can help you succeed.