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2023 Telecom Selling Challenges and Solutions: Part 3

April 10, 2023|LB Networks

This is Part 3 of a 3-part series. Start the series with 2023 Telecom Selling Challenges and Solutions: Part 1.


Based on surveys from Channel Magazine, HubSpot’s 2022 Sales Strategy & Trends Report, and Sales Key Challenges for 2023, we identified key challenges using insights from over 1,000 sales professionals. There were five main challenges that rose to the top.

In Part 1 of our series on 2023 Telecom Selling Challenges and Solutions, we looked at standing out from the competition. Part 2 took a closer look at quotas and reaching those higher goals. In our final installment of this series, we’ll look at both connecting with and keeping prospects engaged, and we’ll end our series with alignment with marketing.


Challenge 3: Connecting with prospects

Selling is, by definition, a transactional relationship, but lending a personal touch goes a long way in customers’ decision to choose you over your competitors. Putting your prospects and customers at the center of your sales efforts will have positive results, and reduce refunds and complaints after the fact as well.

Be intentional about building trust and rapport throughout the sales process. Find out exactly what your customer needs, wants, and is willing to spend, then evaluate your offerings to determine the best fit.

How LB Networks can help you address this challenge:

With the streamlined approach possible using the Business Service Portal, you can keep your customer’s needs and your company’s offerings top of mind by showing them what they are buying from you and your company’s commitment to them, resulting in an easy, effective decision process for you.


Challenge 4: Keeping prospects engaged

17% of survey respondents said keeping prospects engaged is a major challenge. Sales efforts can only go as far as your current systems allow — even the best salesperson can be hindered by a confusing funnel or an overwhelming amount of offers.

Keeping your prospects intrigued and enthusiastic throughout the sales process is key to clinching the deal.

How LB Networks can help you address this challenge:

Being clear, communicative, and enthusiastic is key while, of course, ensuring that you’re not being overzealous.

Let your prospects know you’re there without being overly eager or obnoxious. Engagement stems from tactful, effective communication. Learn how to keep prospects in the loop without annoying them. With the new Business Service Portal, you can easily showcase your services, so you can more dynamically engage your prospects. Providing clients access to the Business Service Portal is a key sales channel that is there 24×7 communicating with your customer when they want it.

By streamlining your contacts and communications using the Business Service Portal, you’re sure to find a profitable balance.


Challenge 5: Alignment with marketing

According to the survey, high-performing salespeople are 35% more likely to say sales/marketing has become more aligned at their company from 2021 to 2022.

Understanding how the company is marketing its offering is key to landing sales. Being aware of customer expectations from advertising not only helps clarify your sales pitch but it allows you to anticipate questions they might have about your products so that you can fully answer them.

How LB Networks can help you address this challenge:

Keeping information about your offerings organized in the Business Service Portal lets you answer any customer questions with ease.


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2023 may hold some challenges for salespeople, but within every obstacle is opportunity.

With persistence, adaptability, and LB Networks on your side, sales teams will be able to thrive in this new landscape.

Contact us today to learn how the Business Service Portal can help you succeed.