4 hacks to beat AT&T SLAs

October 15, 2021|LB Networks

4 hacks 4 att

Does it feel as if AT&T’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) plan is to force carriers to FAIL so AT&T can collect credits? SLAs of 99.999% mean that 26 seconds of FAILure could cost you 50% of monthly recurring charge (MRC)! 

Here are 4 easy hacks to beat the SLAs, keep your cash, and show AT&T true performance:

1. Exclude time – You can exclude force majeure events (weather, power, etc.). How about an overbooked circuit? Exclude it! If CIRs are exceeded, you aren’t liable; just identify, track, exclude, and report those timeframes. 

2. Add-in available time – Don’t exclude your whole maintenance window, only the seconds that service is down. In a 2-hour window, service may be down for only 4 minutes! Don’t exclude all 2 hours from calculations; add those 6,960 seconds back into your availability pool. That extra time can make the difference for a PASS vs a FAIL.

3. Fail availability, not DDR – Availability penalties are typically half of DDR penalties. If you exclude your availability failure, your DDR for the month should pass, saving you 25% of the MRC.

4. Go back in time – AT&T wants to go back 7 months, so can you. If you realize that 60 days earlier, an outage was not your fault, go back in time, correct, exclude, re-run your report, and re-submit.

These are just a few of the many Analytics Intelligence functions in OcularIP. 140+ carriers are currently using OcularIP to optimize their PASSes, report TRUE performance and save real money: $356 per circuit per year on average! 

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