4 hacks to beat T-Mobile & Sprint SLAs

October 15, 2021|LB Networks

4 hacks to beat T-Mobile & Sprint SLAs

Every few years cell carriers update their MSA – seemingly to be tougher than their competitors’ Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Then when two cell companies merge, they keep the toughest of the SLAs. For example, the new combined MSA SLAs include mandates for site performance, multi-EVC performance, problem child tracking, etc. In addition to keeping the demands of latency, jitter, availability, and packet performance, SLAs of 99.999% mean that 26 seconds could cause a FAILure and combined issues could cost you 100% of monthly revenue!  

Here are 4 easy hacks to beat the SLAs, keep your cash, and show true performance:

1. Best ball = best score – If you can prove the cell site is up, you don’t pay. Each site has 2 EVCs, provide analytics of each EVC’s KPIs vs SLAs PLUS the combined COMPOSITE circuit or site score. Minute by minute, show your best score from your best EVC. 

2. Add-in available time – Don’t exclude your whole maintenance window, only the seconds that service is down. In a 2-hour window, service may be down for only 4 minutes! Don’t exclude all 2 hours from calculations; add those 6,960 seconds back into your availability pool. That extra time can make the difference for a PASS vs a FAIL.

3. SRC optimization highlights – Use Service Analytic Intelligence to identify opportunities to “trade off” failure types to reduce Service Response Credits.

4. Automate – Easily leverage your current technologies and systems. Use APIs to quickly integrate systems to automate data flow with inventory, CRM, ticket, or NMS systems for timely, accurate compliance.

These are just a few of the many Analytics Intelligence functions in OcularIP. 140+ carriers are currently using OcularIP to optimize their PASSes, report TRUE performance and save real money: $356 per circuit per year on average! 

See how OcularIP helps you prove and improve your service, reduce costs, and win new customers – all for a remarkable ROI and with no long-term contracts.

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