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A Closer Look at T-Mobile’s Speed Claims and Credit Requests

October 04, 2023|LB Networks

T-Mobile boasts the fastest performance, but are they are trying to pull a fast one on their AAV backhaul carriers?

Recently, mandates from T-Mobile for significant dollar credits have been sent to many of their AAV carriers. These credits are calculated based on a complex multi-tiered MSA SLA, and it’s becoming clear that something doesn’t add up.

The Truth Is In The Data

Here is a recent situation where a carrier confronted T-Mobile with the data and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in credits!

Carrier A is an American telecommunications company formed through the merger of several companies.

T-Mobile requested nearly $100,000 in credits for both July 2023 and August 2023. Interestingly, they had just implemented OcularIP in July for T-Mobile circuits.

August’s T-Mobile credit requests was over $100,000!

After OcularIP optimization analysis and LB Networks SLA Analysts examined the actual data, the credits amounted to less than $10,000.

Bottom Line: Keep Your $90,000 Of Profit!


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