A Look at Customer Expectations, Privacy, and Speed – and How BSP Delivers the Ultimate Customer Experience

June 10, 2024|LB Networks

In today’s digital landscape, meeting customer expectations is paramount to business success. According to Gartner, 86% of B2B customers now expect companies to be well-informed about their account information for each interaction. For the customer, it’s all about their individual experience, which is where our Business Service Portal (BSP) comes in.

With BSP, you can easily create custom portal offerings with different features (and sell them at various price points). BSP lets you craft tailor-made experiences for your customers, providing flexibility that aligns with your business goals. A VP of Product Management at a Nationwide Carrier shared, “The Business Service Portal is a competitive differentiator for us. It has become the main focus of our customer experience.”

Leveraging Customer Data and Analytics

Gartner reports that 84% of service and support leaders cited leveraging customer data and analytics as a top priority for achieving organizational goals in 2023. BSP plays a pivotal role in meeting this priority by making it easy to configure portal service levels by selecting the KPIs, graphs, and reports you want your customer to see. Carriers frequently offer multiple Portal service offerings: Standard, Premier and Platinum. Sell premium service at premium margins!

Emphasizing Security in Purchasing Decisions

Security is a top concern for businesses when investing in new solutions, with 84% of businesses considering it the most valuable factor, according to Gartner. BSP addresses this concern by offering robust built-in security features powered by OcularIP. We meet the security requirements for all major carriers and enterprise commercial customers, including financial institutions, governments, and healthcare providers. The world’s largest financial content provider trusts OcularIP. We also maintain a security program designed to ensure the security and integrity of data, protect against security threats or data breaches, and prevent unauthorized access to the data and environments of our customers.

Prioritizing Speed and Accessibility

Outside of security, two-thirds of customers value speed as much as price, according to a new report from Jay Baer, a customer experience expert. In fact, over 50% reported hiring the first business to respond — even if it was more expensive. With BSP, you can easily brand it with your logos, colors, customer messaging, and more – and have it live within days. Not only that, you can provide an impressive customer experience and instant access to the information customers need. BSP will be your greatest customer experience tool. As Ben Edmond, CEO of Connectbase stated, “If you’re a seller out there, you want to position your platform, your capital investment, and your network services differently from the other alternatives.

The data from Gartner is clear: meeting customer expectations is crucial for business success in today’s competitive landscape. BSP offers a comprehensive solution to align with these expectations, reduce churn, satisfy customers, win more and bigger accounts, and increase your margins.

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