Cherry-Pick What You Share: The Benefits of BSP’s Selective Information Sharing

March 18, 2024|LB Networks

Are worries about sharing analytics with your clients holding you back from leveraging the full potential of our Business Service Portal (BSP)? Let’s address that.

At LB Networks, we know we live in a world where transparency is key, and we also know that sharing analytics with your customers is a legitimate concern. That’s why BSP allows you to customize your portal offerings, tailoring features and reports to suit your preferences and put your services in the best light.

With BSP you’re in control, deciding what your clients see.

Cherry-Pick Your Insights:

The Business Service Portal (BSP) empowers you to cherry-pick the insights you share with your customers. Our platform provides you with the ability to easily configure portal service levels, letting you select the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), graphs, and reports that put your services in the best light. You’re in control, showing only what you want them to see.

BSP’s Customization Power:

Easily create custom portal offerings with different features and sell them at various price points. BSP lets you craft tailor-made experiences for your customers, providing flexibility that aligns with your business goals.

Leverage OcularIP for Optimal Analytics:

Your Portal leverages OcularIP, ensuring that your services are showcased in their best light. This powerful integration enhances your network performance reporting and displays information that truly matters, showcasing your services’ strengths.

PGA: Protect, Grow, and Acquire:

BSP is not just a tool: it’s your key to PGA—Protect, Grow, and Acquire accounts. Nurture existing accounts, reduce churn, promote upgrades, and win bigger deals. Service providers selling BSP as a Service have witnessed customers ordering more bandwidth, growing their backlog of opportunities, and winning more deals.

Increase Margins, Reduce Headaches:

Worried about potential complaints and increased queries? With BSP, your concerns are addressed. The platform enables you to present customer-friendly information, reducing unnecessary calls and streamlining communication. Get BSP up and running within days to start reaping the benefits.

Embrace the power of BSP, where transparency meets control, and watch your business thrive without the fear of complications. You are in control what’s shared or not shared.

See for yourself how quick and easy it is – contact us today!


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