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Carrier Saves Thousands in AT&T Penalties by Switching to OcularIP

March 15, 2023|LB Networks

OcularIP and the Optimize AT&T Report (OAR) program [read more on the program in our blog post, Uncover Savings With the New Optimize AT&T Report (OAR) Program] is the best way to manage service level agreements (SLAs) and prevent profit drain. We’re not just saying that, either — we’ve helped customers save tens of thousands of dollars with just a simple change.

So, how do we do it? And more importantly, would it work with YOUR business? Read on to find out.

A national fiber carrier customer was having an extreme number of FAILs on their AT&T CSBH report, as well as on their wireline report. They had been using data from a technology manufacturer’s NMS system, pulling reports from a trouble ticket system and then writing code to try to meet the mandated reporting from AT&T. They quickly realized there were major issues.

Call in the specialists!

The OcularIP backhaul specialists have experience with dozens of carriers and thousands of months of reporting, encompassing millions of CTBH circuits. After meeting with the national fiber carrier’s business analyst, we guided them through how OcularIP and industry best practices would drastically improve the results of both reports. Even we were astonished!

After following recommended workflows and running appropriate reports, we were able to leverage the new Downtime Report for Impact Analysis to ensure they were taking full advantage of OcularIP’s optimization functions.

Check out what happened month 1 before and after:

  • AT&T Wireline Report – Before: 0 / 52 circuits PASS (0%) | After: 49 / 50 circuits PASS (98%!)
  • AT&T CSBH Report Step1– 100% Improvement in Latency SLA violation!

We assisted in improving the carrier’s wireline report results. Initially, we found circuits not reporting latency properly. However, using an OcularIP report option this issue was resolved for all circuits. The alternative for the carrier was to go back and reconfigure all technology in their network. However, they still would owe unwarranted penalties to ATT for this month.

AT&T CSBH Report Step 2– 25% Reduction in FAILS 40% Reduction in SLA Credits

Leveraging the new Downtime Report that uses industrial analytics to identify and isolate service issues, we were able to work with the carrier to automate minor events into “Availability exclusion tickets/periods”. Since Availability SLA is 99.995 vs DDR which is 99.999.  They were able to reduce the overall number of FAILS and Use Availability FAILS (25% of MRC) vs DDR FAIL (50% MRC). This further reduced their savings.

OcularIP’s Availability Analytics options combined with best practices in a few hours with a few minor selections resulted in massive savings!

We’ve been able to repeat this process hundreds of times for hundreds of carriers.

With OcularIP’s extensive transport carrier client base and intensive customer use, the platform and our support team has helped carriers through many challenges.

Don’t let easy-to-fix issues keep costing you time and money. Reach out today to learn how you can be our next big success story.