Cell Cos up the ante on SLAs!

September 22, 2016|LB Networks

“It’s not our network – it was our reporting!” Ops Exec that switched to OcularIP

Skyrocketing cell usage combined with increased customer expectations, brutal competition and stock market demands are forcing drastic changes for cell companies.  These changes are being pushed down to the backhaul providers.

Tier 1 operators are upping the ante to transport providers to play in the backhaul game. The new mandates are typified by multi-tiered service level agreements that leverage both performance and availability demands. These new demands increase the requirement for optimized reporting which in turn is dependent upon granular, real time measuring, analytics and visibility.

Transport providers have made substantial investments in building CTBH networks. Now several years later they expected to reap the rewards for those investments. However through adding burdensome, difficult to manage and possibly very expensive SLA mandates, these new requirements appear to put those returns at risk

Ocular-IP addresses these challenges and enhances transport providers investments in your current networks by optimizing providers’ service delivery and reporting. The platform leverages the technology and systems installed in provider’s networks today to collect, measure, monitor, present and report as required by Tier1 Cell companies.  OcularIP’s is a multi-technology, multi-tenant and multi-domain web scale platform. It’s integrated customer portal provides carriers the ability to present this optimized reporting via proficient visualization.  This optimized functionality has saved many carriers from unwarranted credit violations.

Smart Maintenance is just one money saving function!

OcularIP’s smart maintenance enables the calculation of actual outage time during a maintenance period versus excluding all the hours of an approved maintenance. Therefore instead of a maintenance taking 4 hours out of the total hours for availability – if the circuit was only impacted 10 minutes during a reboot the 230 minutes of circuit availability is added back into the availability calculations! When SLAs are requiring 99.999+  availability, this actual calculation can make the difference between a pass and a fail.

OcularIP has been proven in 87 transport providers’ networks worldwide. The web scale platform means transport providers only buy what they need when they need it. Every month Tier1 cell companies receive their reports from these carriers.