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CEM for Service Providers: Secrets to Customer Experience Success

December 16, 2016|LB Networks

CEM for customer service providers

Customer Experience Management (or CEM) is a hot topic, and rightfully so. It is the one indisputable process that generates positive cash flow in the service provider industry. Think of all the costs to acquire a customer:

  • Sales expenses
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Capital for construction and technology
  • Off-net negotiations
  • Contracts
  • Time
  • And more

Add to this the competitive and social landscape we work in today:

  • Your business customers are getting bombarded at every turn by an ever changing landscape of competitors including alternative transport providers, hosting and cloud service companies.
  • The idea that “it takes 10 good customer references to make up for one bad mention.” In today’s connected world of social media, forums, review sites, it doesn’t take much to get the word out about you.

With all of this in mind it is imperative that CEM be top of mind for all service providers. Carriers need to know how to quickly and easily:

  • Implement CEM techniques to improve your customer’s satisfaction
  • Increase your most profitable sales to current customers
  • Reduce real operating expenses

Simply track several key CEM performance metrics and you will see the hard dollar payback for these actions in just months. Is CEM right for you? Consider this:

  1. How many portals do you use a week? Is your company one of them? This is a minimum expectation for business today. Especially if you are a technology company in the banking, wireless, automotive, HR/benefits, logistics or healthcare industries.
  2. You only get one chance to make a first impression – just ask the folks at healthcare.gov.
  3. Your network and service are better than you suspect. Know what your customer’s current state of their use of your network is – now!
  4. Your customer’s need to know you know and care about their use of your network.
  5. Beware: If your customer bandwidth revenues aren’t worth a cup of coffee than CEM may not be for you.

Customer experience expectations are on the rise, and changing everyday. You need the tools to manage your CEM and LB Networks has the solution for you. OcularIP™ is the most comprehensive, intuitive and integrative customer portal in the industry, providing fast and easy reporting and up-to-date monitoring.

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You will see, CEM for service providers can lead to an increase in upgrades, sales and revenues, better service levels, higher customer satisfaction, less service calls and lower operating costs and expenses.