CEM for Transport Providers: Accurate and Automated Reporting

April 22, 2015|LB Networks

Document Automation. Business Concept.

Automated Reporting can make all the difference in your customer’s experience. Reports are the key to knowing what’s happening in the network and with OcularIP™ you can ensure those reports are accurate, consistent and flexible enough to meet your needs.

Build the Reports You Need

OcularIP makes it easy for your customers to meet the mandates and requirements of performance and SLA agreements with accurate and automated reporting. With OcularIP they can build daily, weekly or monthly reports. They can be:

  • Completed automatically and on-demand
  • Emailed internally or externally
  • Stored on the portal

Easily Add Exclusion Periods

As a service carrier you know the importance of being able to add in maintenance, exclusions or outage periods to ensure your reports are accurate and consistent. Unlike competitors, OcularIP gives you the ability to add exclusion periods and rerun your reports for a more accurate reading.

Meeting SLAs: A Working Example

With OcularIP customers can manage and meet their contracted SLAs (Service Level Agreements). For example:

  • AT&T Cellular pulls a report for their last month of service, but the operator forgets to add in the maintenance period. This causes the Availability report to fail, and they don’t meet their SLA with AT&T.
  • If they had OcularIP the operator would be able to add justified exclusion periods and rerun the report to show the contracted SLAs passing.

OcularIP’s accurate and automated reporting gives you the ability to:

  • Collect precision levels of calculated data, no rounding or truncating of values for imprecise measurements.
  • Capture high precision data granularity (minute by minute) and accuracy of all reports.
  • Track Data Delivery Rate (DDR) based on measured Performance Measurements.
  • Exclude Maintenances, Force Majure, or other exclusion windows from overall reporting; historical past, current and furture.
  • Exclude Outage times from Performance Measurements.
  • Compute Circuit Availability via Ticket based outages and/or incorporating DDR.
  • Perform analysis of Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) based on LATA or markets.
  • Provide in Pass/Fail immediate verifications based on SLA thresholds.
  • Zoom in specifically on a single circuit Time To Repair (TTR).
  • Provide Composite Reporting which takes the best of both circuits individual Performance Metrics to generate the overall Best Circuit Performance Metrics.

Get OcularIP Today

OcularIP can provide the most accurate reports in the industry. Beyond that, analysis shows a return on investment of over 170% based on savings achieved using the OcularIP SLA portal in a carrier Ethernet environment. Contact the experienced team at LB Networks to learn more.