CEM for Transport Providers: Convenient Custom Notifications

October 20, 2015|LB Networks


CEM, or Customer Experience Management, is becoming increasingly more important for service providers. A recent study by research company Ovum shows that transport providers are looking to enhance their relationship with existing customers and attract new ones. So much so that they are increasing their investment in CEM tools, spending $60.7 billion on IT infrastructure by 2017. A key ingredient? Allowing customers to decide how they want to manage their service experience through things like custom notifications. Custom notifications are a critical component of customer self-subscription that improve CX and allow the transport provider to reduce operating overhead and costs.

Why Custom Notifications?

Custom Notifications allow transport providers to:

  • Reduce trouble ticket calls through proactive notification to clients (and internal teams) of circuit issues
  • Select metrics and thresholds to generate the proactive alerts
  • Improve CX via custom messages for specific clients
  • Build client credibility as they know you are aware and working on the issue.
  • Send notifications of problem resolution when it happens reducing confusion of status at client locations
  • Sign up to receive alerts for certain activities

Get Notified of Issues

When there’s an issue on a circuit, OcularIP can create a custom email to that customer notifying them of the issue. The email integrates the metrics you select for the client, the verbiage for the client, the contacts at the client and the coalescence of events so there is no spam. Then once the issue is resolved, the customer receives another custom email informing them the issue has been resolved. This proactive nature means you get less calls, and more happy customers. For both you and the customer, it’s easier and involves a lot less hassle.

We need to know too!

OcularIP can also notify your team members (whether it’s Engineering, Customer Support, Sales, Account teams or Operations) for their respective needs with emails and alerts.

Its not just people that need to know!

OcularIP can notify other BSS/OSS systems such Netcool, HP OpenView, Remedy Or a myriad of other systems that support REST APIs.

Choose from 100+ Variables

OcularIP has 100+ variables you can manage, and the best part is that you get to decide what circuit information is available to your customers. That means a transport provider can customize internal and external notifications based on those 100+ variables on any given circuit.

Threshold Crossing Alerts

OcularIP can even send alerts when a circuit is close to a threshold crossing. The end user can set the custom notifications to fit their needs, so they get sent an alert if:

  • They are measuring at capacity
  • They are close to hitting contract levels
  • They are 20% over baseline

The end users can customize, even on a per circuit basis, and they can send the notification by the product type or by the customer type.

Ideal for Large Enterprises

For customers with a lot of locations, this can mean a huge increase in customer satisfaction as they can easily login and see which branches are up and running and which have issues. Plus, there are never any surprises.

Stay On Track and On Budget

OcularIP is the right choice for smaller wireline providers for several reasons. First, you can buy as you go, only purchasing circuits that you need service for. That means you can play like the big guys, while staying within budget.

Get On Board with OcularIP

OcularIP has benefits no other monitoring and assurance portal can offer, helping service providers win business. When you’re ready to offer your customers a better experience, contact the team with the service provider background at LB Networks and get the industry’s leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring SaaS portal.