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CEM for Transport Providers: On-Demand Bandwidth Ordering

October 28, 2017|LB Networks


Bandwidth ordering (or dynamic bandwidth allocation) is a win-win for wireline providers and their customers. Providers have the opportunity to provide more bandwidth and a better customer experience while customers get the ability to order more bandwidth by simply logging on to their OcularIP™ portal.

The Customer Chooses

With OcularIP customers no longer need to make a phone call or send a fax to get additional bandwidth. They can easily increase bandwidth one of three ways:

  1. Calendarization tool: Allows for time of day scheduling
  2. On-demand: Order more bandwidth when the internet is slow, on the fly
  3. Automated: Based on network KPIs (SDN NFV)

With OcularIP, the changes are made in real-time as the element management system communicates with the router and makes the configuration changes.

About the Calendarization Tool

Some customers know when they will have surges in demand or congestion issues. With the OcularIP calendarization functionality, customers can request additional bandwidth during certain times (for example: every 3rd Friday from 10 am to 2 pm).

About On-demand Bandwidth Ordering

With on-demand ordering, users can simply and easily order more bandwidth through the portal by requesting to increase speed or serve more users. On-demand ordering is done in 3 easy stages:

  • Stage 1: Email notification
  • Stage 2: Authorize and scheduling
  • Stage 3: Updates bandwidth and billing system

Plus, OcularIP can grant varying levels of access to different customers, protecting you as a wireline provider.

Case Study: More Bandwidth in One Week

One of the top five carrier Ethernet providers in the U.S. used the “Beta” version of OcularIP’s on-demand bandwidth ordering and within the first week a customer bought more bandwidth. Now that’s market validation!

Get OcularIP Today

OcularIP makes it simple and intuitive for customers to login to the portal and dynamically adjust their bandwidth settings on their circuits. It’s easy for transport providers too as the OcularIP system orchestrates the customer’s bandwidth change request with the network infrastructure via a SDN Controller and alters the bandwidth in real-time. OcularIP will also notify the user when bandwidth change has been completed. Contact the team at LB Networks to learn more.