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CEM for Transport Providers: Seamless Portal Integration

April 16, 2015|LB Networks

Customer Experience Management (or CEM) can increase your sales, improve loyalty, expedite bandwidth sales and provide valuable customer usage information while reduce operating expenses. Portal integration is a great way to improve your CEM and over deliver on customer expectations. With OcularIP™, portal integration is easy to set-up for you and simple to use for your customers.

The Missing Portal

If you’re like most carriers you already have multiple portals:

  1. A billing portal: Transport providers have been providing portals for clients to log on and review invoices and taxes, and make payments.
  2. A marketing portal: Marketing portals serve as a great place to talk about what makes you different – everything from products to customer support.
  3. A customer service portal: This trouble ticket system makes it easy for customers to log issues, open trouble tickets and ask questions enabling your service team to follow up.

The missing piece? A service portal.

A recent Forrester report stated that over 80% of business customers prefer to access a web portal for their interaction with a business partner. Marketing, billing and customer service portals provide a lot of data but customers aren’t getting the item they value most – how service performing now! That’s where OcularIP comes in. With OcularIP you can provide real-time, end-to-end circuit visibility. And with Performance Connect™ API, you can quickly and easily integrate a service level portal into your web strategy, including systems, platforms and applications.

OcularIP Makes It Easy

With Ocular IP and Performance Connect, it’s easy to integrate a service level portal with your current portal and web strategy and make it seamless for the customer. OcularIP offers:

  • Private Branding Plus™: OcularIP makes it easy to incorporate your brand and graphics (your logo, colors, fonts and general look and feel), so customers don’t realize they’re on a different portal.
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO): Your users can login with same ID and password they use for all your other portals. This integration with your IDM and other applications allows customers to bypass the complexities of dissimilar login and authentication.

Try OcularIP for Free

OcularIP is the industry leader for SLA performance monitoring and assurance reporting. It is intuitive, easy to integrate and affordable, providing down to the second reporting and an operating interface that makes implementation painless. Contact the experts at LB Networks for a free demo and more information.