CEM for Transport Providers: The Benefits of Private Branding

May 05, 2015|LB Networks

Your Brand Concept in Flat Design.

Your brand. Your customers. Your portal.

Customer Experience Management, known in the industry as CEM, is the key to longer and more profitable business relationships. At LB Networks, we know what a difference the small things can make and because of that have made OcularIP™ the most comprehensive performance monitoring and assurance reporting tools on the market.

One of our favorite parts? Private Branding Plus™.

What is Private Branding Plus?

OcularIP’s Private Branding Plus means your portal is fully branded for you! Everything from your logo, graphics, colors, terminology, fonts and messaging are included and tailored to fit your brand standards. You can even use a custom URL, so the entire experience is seamless for your customer.

Customize Your Messaging

With OcularIP you can customize messaging on the portal. Make it work with your current marketing, operations (maintenance windows) or create different messages by user, by company, type of customer, location, etc. to ensure the right people see the right message. You even have the ability to create messages that are only visible to certain people or certain types of customers. With OcularIP you have options, so you can always elect to keep it simple with one generic message for all users.

The Real Deal

With OcularIP, you can have a service portal that is more dynamic than the big industry player, regardless of your market size. OcularIP’s custom portal is in use by international carriers to rural telcos and is ideal for enterprise as well as wholesale services. OcularIP delivers a portal, automates all reports and makes it look like you’ve spent a lot of money to develop a custom solution. You put your name on your network; you should put your name on your service portal too.

What Makes OcularIP Different

While some of our competitors offer customization options, OcularIP goes beyond sticking a GIF copy of your logo on a screen. LB Networks offers the only hosted solution with full private branding.

What’s better, with OcularIP, you only pay for what you use, so there is a lower risk to invest in and roll the solution out.

Single-Sign-On API

Plus, it’s easy for customer’s to logon. OcularIP’s Performance Connect API provides Single-Sign-On (SSO), so users can login with same user ID and password they use for all other portals, and with Private Branding Plus customers never realize they’re on a different portal. It integrates with your portal strategy and makes it so you don’t have to manage another login and password.

Try OcularIP for Yourself

Worldwide, more than 50 service providers use OcularIP. With OcularIP you get to utilize the most powerful performance monitoring application while providing real-time, end-to-end circuit visibility. Make the easy decision to promote your brand with the best performance monitoring and assurance reporting. Contact us and we’ll provide a full mock-up of what your brand will look like when it’s integrated into the portal.