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CEM for Transport Providers: The Freedom of Self-Subscription

April 07, 2015|LB Networks

the freedom of self subscription

When it comes to Customer Experience Management (or CEM), self-subscription is key. Self-subscription allows service providers to log into their portal to monitor their circuits, manage them and to order more bandwidth, additional circuits and more. It’s easier for transport providers and gives customers a better experience.

You’re In Control

With OcularIP™, service providers have complete control of what self-subscription variables they allow users to have. OcularIP has 50+ options you can manage, allowing you to decide what information is available and how it’s available to your customers.

Custom Labels

With OcularIP you can custom label key performance indicators (or KPIs) based on your customer’s users, so different users can have different labels on screen. This allows you to present wholesale carriers MEF CE2.0 standards but for enterprise users, use laymen’s terms. The best part? It’s all included in one affordable price.

Endless Customization Options

With OcularIP you can give the customer the ability to manage themselves:

  • They can turn on and off reports
  • Customize when they want to receive the reports
  • Customize how they receive the reports
  • Customer moderator capabilities so the customer can easily add, edit or manage passwords and accounts (not your NOC)
  • Limit who sees all of the details and who only sees broad overviews

This means less calls for you and no waiting or hassle for your clients.

Reporting Features

With OcularIP, your customers can pull reports however and whenever they want. They can change their report subscription from daily to weekly with a click of the button and have it emailed directly to them in rich HTML.

Receive Event Notifications

With OcularIP it’s easy to sign up to receive event notifications. As the wireline provider, you set it up and then the user can subscribe to any type of notification. This includes notifying a user of a potential circuit problem as well as when that circuit is restored. Customers are thankful to receive the updates and are less likely to call you because they are able to see the details and know the circuit will be up and running soon.

A Case Study in Action

LB Networks has multiple clients around the world (including clients in Asia and the UK) taking advantage of these event notifications, and say it has greatly improved their customer experience. These notifications are perfect for large companies managing lots of circuits.

Make Self-Subscription a Reality

OcularIP is the industry’s leading SLA performance monitoring and assurance reporting customer portal. They have more than 50 service providers around the world using OcularIP to improve their customer’s experience. Contact LB Networks today for a free trial.