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CNI Chooses BSP to Help Clients and Differentiate Services

July 31, 2023|LB Networks

CNI recently made the decision to employ LB Network’s Business Service Portal as a way to help their member carriers grow and protect accounts, win more and bigger accounts, and increase their margins.

In less than 3 weeks, CNI had their Business Service Portal (BSP), which they productized as CNI Insights, fully operational and ready to offer to members and their customers.

CNI’s Business Service Portal includes:

  • Custom graphics
  • Centralized dashboard
  • Optimized SLA reporting
  • Availability reporting
  • Historical access
  • Service requests
  • Interactive graphing
  • Geo mapping with status
  • Circuit visualization
  • Dynamic user interface
  • Collaborate and share reports
  • A full marketing launch program

“The team at LB Networks made it easy for us to better support our partner companies, a core tenet of our organization,” said Cory Haessler, Network Operations Center Manager at CNI. “We do everything we can to help our client members differentiate their services and offer better customer care to their subscribers and with BSP we are doing just that.”

“We are thrilled that CNI chose to implement BSP,” said Raymond Chiu, CEO at LB Networks. “BSP helps carriers differentiate their services and is a natural fit for an organization like CNI that is so dedicated to helping their clients protect and grow current accounts and acquire new accounts.”

See a Demo of BSP at Calix Connexions 2023

Interested in a live demo of BSP?

CNI and LB Networks have a booth at Calix Connexions 2023 Innovation and Customer Success Conference and will be giving demos and answering questions about BSP.

Join us on October 14 – 17, 2023 at Wynn Las Vegas Resort and Spa to learn more. Learn more and register: https://www.calix.com/events/connexions.html

About CNI

CNI is a collaboration of 21 ILECs and one electrical cooperative, offering broadband operations support and development services for next-generation Broadband Service Providers. Learn more at https://cniteam.com/.

About Business Service Portal (BSP)

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