Differentiate Your Service With BSP

March 12, 2023|LB Networks

LB Networks is excited to bring a new tool to telecom sales: our Business Service Portal (BSP). This innovative new tool is the business marketing solution you’ve been seeking. With BSP, the benefits are endless.

Protect, Grow and Acquire

BSP is the key to letting you PGA: Protect, Grow, and Acquire accounts. You’ll be able to nurture existing accounts, reduce churn, promote upgrades, and win more and bigger accounts.

Increase Margins

Increase your revenue with this high margin product. How fast can you get to revenue with BSP? Hint: It’s as quickly as you can you get BSP up and running, within days!

Service providers selling the Business Service Portal as a Service have experienced customers ordering more bandwidth, growing their backlog of opportunities, and winning more deals.

Stand Out from the Competition

Customize, communicate, and collaborate all in one app!

“The Business Service Portal is a competitive differentiator for us. After helping us win a 500+ site account, it is now the core of our customer experience,” a VP of Product Management for a nationwide carrier recently shared.

Communicate with Customers

Customers want options, and the Business Service portal lets you go above and beyond while delivering them.

With the streamlined approach possible using the Business Service Portal, you can keep your customer’s needs and your company’s offerings top of mind by showing them what they are buying from you and your company’s commitment to them, resulting in an easy, effective decision process for you.

Not only does this level of service foster loyalty, but it helps fend off feeling like customers only reach out when there’s a problem. Keeping relationships positive will also help them be profitable.

Stop Playing Defense

With higher quotas and tighter budgets all around, sales can sometimes feel like they’re playing a losing game. But with BSP, you can stop playing defense and take control of the game for good. This high margin product allows you to get to revenue nearly as soon as you set it up.

Schedule a demo to see how this turnkey solution can revolutionize your business. Take control today.