Keep Competition in their Conduit!

August 22, 2022|LB Networks

Competition is a BIG challenge for Telcos and Cable Companies

The Sunday Brief recently reported:

“Google also made some telecom news over the last couple of weeks as they announced that Google Fiber was talking to leaders in five states – Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada and Idaho – about expanding their presence.  Having had a year or so to get to know the competitive environment in Central and Eastern Nebraska, where Allo, Verizon (see Omaha 5G Ultra Wideband market map nearby – the lines represent fiber/ millimeter wave coverage), Great Plains and the ever-scrappy Stealth Broadband are making significant inroads into Lumen, Spectrum, and Cox markets, we scratch our heads with respect to yet another Nebraska fiber solution.

Outside of a few legacy Windstream/ Lincoln Telephone markets, we would classify Nebraska as “crowded.”  Even Blair (population 7,800) has two FTTH providers (Fastwyre being one of them) and three fiber providers for businesses (Cox Business has a meaningful presence there).

With Omaha, Lincoln, and Fremont all seeing three Gbps-capable solutions today, we can only wonder how broad Google’s business case will be.”

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