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Digital Automation Makes It Easy to Implement Salesforce

August 01, 2023|LB Networks

Beating your head against the wall trying to work with Salesforce? There’s hope! LB Networks can help. Thanks to a new partnership, we make it quick and easy to integrate with Salesforce.

LB Networks has partnered with ProCore Resource Group, which has over 600 successful implementations of Salesforce.com, to automate the Salesforce integration.

Together we can simplify your workload, making it easy to customize Salesforce, without a programming background. We have worked with Carrier organizations to enhance their Salesforce implementation.

In addition, LB Networks provides a software development kit (SDK) that enables you to do further customizations to optimize your implementation.

With this proven technology you can now leverage OcularIP and BSP with Salesforce to achieve your revenue goals through automation of the service lifecycle. Contact us to learn more.

About LB Network’s Technology

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