Efficiency in Service Delivery: A Culinary Analogy for OcularIP and BSP

March 25, 2024|LB Networks

In the world of service businesses, think of your operation like a well-organized restaurant. A 5-star NOC deserves 5-star service. Here’s the breakdown:

The Kitchen (Network Operation Center supported by OcularIP):

This is where the magic happens—your internal teamwork area. It’s like a professional kitchen where you assemble ingredients, prep, and craft award-winning services, represented by your network services.

Think of OcularIP as your prep and optimization space, where raw ingredients (main courses, carrier services) meet spices (events, trouble tickets, force majeure, maintenance periods, etc).

The cooking method separates the average from the great; in this case, we’re talking about service optimization with availability intelligence. At a restaurant, you’re missing out on the gourmet experience if all you have is a microwave and oven. If you have a great NOC, you need a great presentation for customers to have an overall great experience.

The Dining Area (Client Portal – BSP):

This is your client’s experience—the dining area. A delicious meal deserves a thoughtful presentation and a fantastic dining experience. That’s where the Business Service Portal (BSP) comes in, you brief your clients, provide deliverables, and collaborate until the final result.

BSP empowers your revenue by simplifying the process of offering clients a branded portal, which in turn helps you grow, win big, and boost margins. Like a restaurant’s dining area, BSP is where the client enjoys the end result without needing to see the intricate details of the kitchen.

With BSP, we’ve seamlessly integrated these two areas, ensuring you deliver outstanding service efficiently. Just as a restaurant needs a well-organized kitchen and a delightful dining area, your service business requires both components—OcularIP and BSP—for success.

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