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Elevate Your E-Rate Package with the Business Service Portal

October 02, 2023|LB Networks

Thanks to BSP, you can more easily win new school and library customers.

We’ve written about the E-Rate Program before, the FCC’s effort to expand robust wi-fi networks in the country’s schools and libraries. This program discounts telecommunications, Internet access, and internal connections to eligible schools and libraries by up to 90 percent, helping to pay for your services.

Enhance Your E-Rate Bids with BSP and Stand Out From the Competition

The Business Service Portal makes it easy to offer your customers a branded portal with robust reporting capabilities, so they can track their usage, outage, and more.

BSP leverages OcularIP’s technology to optimize network performance reporting and show your services in their best light.

Provide a Customer Portal and Increase Your Margins

More and more, schools and libraries are requiring their telecom supplier to provide service level reporting as well as access to a client portal.

Leverage BSP to help you hit these requirements, all while differentiating your services and increasing your margins.

Set the Standard for Network Services with Schools and Libraries in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Provide a sample of the reports you will provide.
  2. Set up a 15-minute demo of BSP to show how easy it is to view the status of circuits, uptime throughput, etc.
  3. Have the school or library make a portal a requirement for their telecom renewal on the next bid!

Take Advantage of the E-Rate order.

Contact us today to set up a free demo and see how you can take advantage of the E-Rate Modernization order.


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