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Enhanced UScellular MSA Optimization Reporting

June 14, 2023|LB Networks

LB Networks is excited to announce that OcularIP now has enhanced CTBH reporting for UScellular. These new enhancements have proven to increase the number of PASSes (and reduce penalties!) for carriers providing service to UScellular. These new features are integrated into OcularIP and all customers can use them now.

This six-minute video shows how easy it is to leverage these capabilities. These new enhancements are in addition to current optimization functions such as:

  • automated granular exclusions
  • smart maintenance
  • multi-path composite circuits
  • and more

Our team is here to assist with these new features, plus service optimization reporting for all services including AT&T Cell/Wireline, T-Mobile, enterprise or whatever your requirements may include. We provide these optimization services to over 140 carriers every month and our specialists can review industry best practices regarding competencies in:

  • exclusion analytics
  • impact analysis
  • reporting
  • even commercial Ts&Cs

Watch the full video below or click here to learn more about OcularIP.


Read Full Transcript:

Good day and welcome to LB Networks’ training overview for our brand new US Cellular Report, available within our most recent release of OcularIP. This section is going to be focused around the UScellular Report; offers you the ability to utilize the gathered performance measurements of your circuits to determine the Service Level Performance metrics, based on a typical UScellular MSA.

We will go ahead and log into our OcularIP portal to generate and review the UScellular Report and its results. Once we are in the portal, we will navigate to our Report Manager, and scroll down to select our UScellular domain. Once we have selected our domain, we will scroll down and select the UScellular Report. It is listed here in the portal as USC Wireless Report. From here, we will select and updated our necessary report settings, including the time frame we are looking to run the report for. In this example, we will generate the report for May 2023.

The Cumulative Minutes Pass/Fail Threshold is a customizable field, where you can change the threshold value, based upon your MSA with UScellular. The default we have seen within the standard UScellular MSA is 30 minutes, so that is our default value within OcularIP. You will want to check with your team’s Compliance team to ensure you understand your company’s MSA with UScellular, in order to receive accurate reporting results when generating the report within OcularIP. Click “Generate Report.” While that is generating the background, here’s a little bit of background on the UScellular Report.

The UScellular Report adds up the bad number of minutes per month within each of the three metrics reporting in a standard UScellular Report. These metrics are going to be Packet Loss, Two Way Delay, and Jitter. If the total number of bad minutes is above this set 30-minute pass/fail threshold for the entire period for the reporting window, then the metric is going to be listed as a fail.

Let’s navigate back to our report summary and check on our report summary. It will take a moment to generate and then we’ll review. Now that it’s finished generating, we’ll open it within the portal. The UScellular Report is based on the standard requirements from UScellular; it is set up in the format to match a standard UScellular MSA agreement. It’s going to contain the UScellular domain, the state for the circuits, any VLAN information that is entered within OcularIP, the carrier circuit ID along with our service IDs, address info. Then we get into the different values that are being measured within the UScellular Report.

Our first category is Packet Loss. As we reviewed, the standard default threshold for cumulative minutes pass/fail is 30 minutes for the reporting window. Any of the Packet Loss cumulative minutes that fall under the 30 minutes are going to be calculated as a passing value. Anything that is over those 30 minutes, this is a failing value within the report. The same will go for the two-way delay cumulative minutes over or under; anything below the 30 minutes will be a pass, anything over 30 minute threshold will be a fail. The same also applies for our Jitter values.

Under the report, we do have the ability to export as a CSV. This CSV can be sent to UScellular to provide them with your monthly compliance reporting for UScellular services. This is based on the UScellular MSA; if you do have any questions or if your MSA with UScellular is a little different, please reach out to our team and we are happy to work with you to ensure you are able to provide the most accurate and necessary report to UScellular.

If you would like additional training or have questions, we can be reached at support@lbnetworks.co for additional info. We are more than happy to set up a separate training session with your company individually.

Thank you for watching. Please let us know if there is anything we can assist you with in OcularIP. We can be reached at support@lbnetworks.co.