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Grade Your Off-Net Providers’ Circuit Performance with OcularIP™

December 04, 2014|LB Networks

Grade Your Off-Net Providers’ Circuit Performance with OcularIP™

You are responsible for your off-net circuits, so it makes business sense to hold your off-net providers accountable. However, this can be difficult since the circuits reside on your provider’s network. The solution? OcularIP™. OcularIP measures your offnet carrier’s circuit performance. Plus, you can compare and grade your suppliers’ performance and create a report card dashboard.

Our unique ability to “file” circuits in multiple domains allows you to create dashboards of AAV performance and to receive notifications when an off-net provider’s circuit performance trends negatively. OcularIP allows you to view your off-net circuits with the accuracy of your on-net circuits, preventing outages and stopping issues before they affect service and your bottom line.

Your Off-Net Provider’s Grade is Your Grade

We all want a good performance grade that indicates better service and a more reliable network, but what does it take to get there? A circuit must operate better than its contracted Service Level Agreement (SLA), an agreement based on multiple Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Unfortunately, you can suffer from a bad circuit performance grade when your circuit doesn’t meet the contracted SLA.

Improve Your Circuit Performance

There are a couple things you can do to avoid a bad circuit performance score or improve your current score:

  • Know the basics: Identify internal and contracted SLA requirements for all KPIs
  • Keep your finger on the pulse: Ensure the circuits are not trending poorly. You can do this by setting a change percentage that notifies you when something has dramatically changed. Once you receive the alert, you can review the logs to see what has changed and make adjustments as needed.

An Example In Action – Enventis

Enventis is a multi-state telecommunications provider, providing turnkey services for their enterprise and wholesale carrier clientele. In order to provide these services they purchase local loops from off-net providers. If these local loop providers don’t perform, Enventis still has to pay the price.

Enventis needed a solution to monitor their local loop providers and improve their service. They wanted to:

  • Ensure their off-net providers met the SLA contracted performance requirements
  • Be notified if off-net performance degraded so it could be corrected before an outage
  • Compare empirical performance data from multiple off-net providers in order to choose the best provider 

A Report Card on Service

OcularIP provided Enventis a report card of the off-net providers, showing who was making the grade and who was failing. Now Enventis is able to identify which circuits are experiencing problems and contact their off-net provider, often before the off-net provider realizes there is an issue. With OcularIP, Enventis has a custom portal that documents any issues and allows them to correct them before they impact service – and their bottom line.

When you’re ready to experience better service with fewer outages, schedule a demo and see how OcularIP can help your business.