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Improve Your Digital User Experience with Extensive API Integrations

November 15, 2022|LB Networks

Did you know all OcularIP fields are accessible via APIs? When you’re ready to make the switch, we’re here to help.

Postman’s 2022 State of the API reports, API usage has skyrocketed over the prior three years: 51% said more than half of their organizations’ development effort is spent on APIs — compared with 40% of respondents in 2020 and 49% 2021. Also worth noting from Postman’s report: The biggest factor in companies deciding to consume or produce APIs is how well they integrate with current apps and systems. This includes the requirement of how to manage APIs efficiently. These requirements undoubtedly relate to the lessons learned by users as the report’s detail that the number of integrated APIs has jumped twentyfold.

According to Amartus, “These challenges are also present in the wholesale telco market, which is seeing a huge increase in the adoption of industry APIs driven by carriers’ need to respond quickly to enterprise customer service requests.”

No matter your API requirements – REST, gateway, industry standards, vertical, horizontal – OcularIP easily integrates via our extensive API catalogue. For example LB Networks/OcularIP partners with Amartus, Neustar, Connectbase, CRMs, Inventory, Trouble Ticket systems, plus dozens of other applications to ensure carriers are achieving their automation goals throughout the service lifecycle. Not only that, we offer our turnkey Business Service Portal, which will power your revenue by making it easy to offer your customers a branded portal.

Our Business Service Portal leverages OcularIP’s availability intelligence platform that optimizes service availability, presenting your services in their best light. Carriers can easily create custom portal offerings with different features and sell them at different price points. Carriers that were the early adopters of the Business Service Portal are already generating revenue from their portal and empowering the sales of additional services.

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