Introducing: OcularIP’s New Features

January 18, 2023|LB Networks

We are thrilled to share OcularIP’s latest features, including:

  • OAR Program
  • Wireless Report Optimization
  • Downtime Report for Impact Analysis

New: Optimize AT&T Report (OAR) Program

Leverage industry best practices for savings and increased profit

  • Reduce the SLA credits to AT&T, T-Mo and all MSAs with restrictive SLAs
  • Save on: gross margins, improve free cash flow
  • Optimize availability calculations, use your most advantageous SLA category
  • Reflect your true service delivery performance to customers

New: Wireless Report Optimization

Automated AI; availability analytics to pay less service credits

  • The Wireless Report now provides an automated approach to optimize your services
  • Easily calculate and use Boosted Optimization Analytics
  • Based upon analytics of your services, events & ticket are created for your use
  • These “tickets” can be automatically leveraged by OcularIP for your service optimization

New: Downtime Report for Impact Analysis

More efficient impact analysis

  • Improve your business and reporting workflow with efficient impact analysis capabilities
  • Single source report allows you to easily identify exclusion periods for exclusion events
  • Validate customer reported outage duration
  • Quickly find outages to analyze internally
  • Easily see periods of downtime

Optimize everything with OcularIP.