Introducing the Business Service Portal: Powered by OcularIP

October 17, 2022|LB Networks

Carriers can now easily create custom portal offerings with different features and sell them at various price points.

LB Networks is excited to announce the market launch of the Business Service Portal. This new application has proven vital to carriers’ ability to beat their competition, win accounts, and reduce discounting while providing a new high-margin service to sell.

“With the new Business Service Portal, carriers can stop discounting their services and start differentiating their company,” shared Raymond Chiu, CEO of LB Networks. “We designed the Business Service Portal to help carriers wow prospects and win new accounts, not to mention to protect and grow their existing accounts.”

The Business Service Portal leverages OcularIP’s availability intelligence platform that optimizes service availability presenting carrier services in their best light. Carriers can easily create custom portal offerings with different features and sell them at different price points. Carriers that were the early adopters of the Business Service Portal are already generating revenue from their portal and empowering the sales of additional services.

“The Business Service Portal is a competitive differentiator for us. After helping us win a 500+ site account, it is now the core of our customer experience,” a VP of Product Management for a nationwide carrier recently shared.

Service providers offering the Business Service Portal have realized many benefits, which include customers ordering more bandwidth, fewer calls into their NOC, fewer tickets, and increased customer opportunity win rates.

The Business Service Portal is white-labeled out of the box. Carriers can brand it with their logo and colors and use LB Network’s comprehensive go-to-market program to launch.

Beat your competition to the Portal

The sooner you implement the Portal, the bigger your competitive advantage.

Over 150 carriers use OcularIP and it takes only minutes to turn on. Leverage the industry’s leading availability intelligence to separate your organization from the pack.

Your Business Service Portal is white-labeled out of the box. Brand it with your logo and colors and use our go-to market program to launch.

Wow customers with our impressive, proven, and incredibly turnkey Business Service Portal.

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