LB Networks Employees Attend Women in Tech Global Conference

June 29, 2023|LB Networks

As a company that strives to empower our employees, we were excited to see our Creative Design Manager, Sonali Priya, and our Director of Service Delivery, Payton Nothdurft attend this year’s virtual Women in Tech conference.

This event highlighted the efforts of women throughout the tech industry, as well as providing a chance to network with like-minded workers across the globe. Boasting members that range from the C-Suite to exciting newcomers to the field, the WomenTech Network represents an exciting opportunity to foster a supportive community and discuss key issues.

Nothdurft and Priya’s takeaways from the event highlight just how valuable the experience was.

Mentorship as a Key to Success

Everyone benefits from having someone to guide their careers. For women in leadership, finding a mentor who encourages growth within your career, while modeling a healthy work-life balance is particularly essential.

For women more established in their careers, taking on a role as a mentor yourself is an incredible way to continue to build and grow connections while encouraging more women to pursue higher-level positions.

Finding and Maintaining a Supportive Work Environment

Maintaining balance while attempting to work your way up the ladder is always difficult, but without a supportive work environment, it’s often impossible. Women are often put in situations where they’re forced to choose between building their career or focusing on their family.

Finding a work environment that’s supportive of their employees’ individual life choices not only allows women to stay in their field longer, but it encourages better well-being for workers across the board.

The Power of Healthy Boundaries

While representation has increased over the years, there are still only a small percentage of women in tech positions. Those in the industry are working towards creating more welcoming environments to encourage more women to join the field, and ensure that paths forward are set up for their growth and retention.

A key issue towards this goal is the encouragement and establishment of better boundaries. While ideal boundaries look different for everyone, simply pushing for more awareness and acceptance of work-life balance that looks different from the past is creating a much-needed shift in the industry.

Exciting Cutting-Edge Technologies

In addition to career growth advice, the conference covered a range of advanced technologies such as AI and Automation, Edge Computing, 5G and Advanced Wireless Technologies, IoT, VR & AR, and Sustainability Tech. Highlighting these exciting new advances reinforces the importance of staying current with emerging technologies to drive innovation and growth.

Diversity and Inclusion Make Everyone Stronger

Diversity and inclusion continue to be pressing issues throughout the tech industry. This conference sought to better that by bringing together industry leaders from major tech companies that represent historically excluded communities. While there’s still a long way to go for true equity in the industry, this event did provide a platform for them to share insights and strategies aimed at promoting greater inclusivity in tech leadership roles.

Leadership and Digital Transformation

Empowering women to take charge and drive innovation in the rapidly evolving tech industry is key for any company looking to get an edge. In many of the Leadership sessions for this conference, the discussion focused on digital transformation. This key aspect of leadership highlights the crucial role women play in leveraging technology to reshape organizations and foster inclusive and sustainable growth.


LB Networks is proud to support our employees of every gender and are looking forward to attending more WomenTech Network’s event in the future.