LB Networks Supports the Latest Cisco Technology

February 03, 2015|LB Networks

ocularIP supports cisco

At LB Networks our industry-leading PMR, OcularIP™, allows us to work closely with Cisco Systems to support 30 Cisco models. In fact, we have recently expanded our support for Cisco to incorporate Performance Measurement data sets from Y.1731, TWAMP, IP-SLA and Performance Routing (PfR) measurements and statistics.

Whether you are exclusively using Cisco technology, or have a range of technology solutions, you’ve invested in your Cisco technology and we can support it to ensure your network is operationally optimized.

A Partner for Cisco Performance

In order to support our more enterprise-focused clients, we’ve been partnering with Cisco for years. Recently we worked with them to enhance our offerings and ensure we were able to support ASR-series and ME-series, such as the newest ASR-920 and ME-1200. Cisco provided us with trial versions of the products to ensure the transition was seamless for our customers. The bottom line: when the products were released, OcularIP was ready to support the latest offerings. Can your technology partner say the same?

Manage All of Your Technology

LB Networks is dedicated to supporting you. You choose technology that works best for your network and we make it easy to monitor the performance. OcularIP supports over 100 technologies and can monitor performance of your circuits, showing any issues and using all available data to provide greater KPIs.

Why LB Networks

Here at LB Networks our mission is to ensure carrier and enterprise customers have every tool available to optimize their networks. In fact, our solutions are having a transformative impact on our industry. Thanks to our service provider background, we have catapulted to the forefront of network performance monitoring and network solutions on a worldwide basis.

OcularIP: Better Network Monitoring

Whether you are retail-based or in the banking, educational, financial or healthcare industries, with OcularIP, you get the industry’s leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring SaaS portal. OcularIP is the most intuitive, integrative, comprehensive and affordable monitoring and reporting customer portal solution. With OcularIP you can improve service delivery, reduce operating costs and enhance your customer experience.

Our fast and easy network reporting, and our ability to proactively identify issues with a network management system, ensures you can optimize your network performance through multi-technology, multi-vendor circuits for true end-to-end visibility.

Work with LB Networks and Cisco

We want to give you more flexibility in choosing the right Cisco technology to deploy, that’s why OcularIP 3.4 supports all Cisco technologies including their next generation ME1200 CE2.0 solution offering. If you employ Cisco technology, you need OcularIP. Best of all? Thanks to its intuitive operating interface in can be implemented in hours. What are you waiting for?

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