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LB Networks: The Team With a Service Provider Background

December 18, 2014|LB Networks

Service Provider Background

People often ask us how we came up with the industry’s leading SLA performance measuring and assurance reporting customer portal, and for us the answer is simple: it was born out of necessity.

Our leadership team used to sit exactly where you sit today. We came from a service provider company where we integrated and resold multiple networks to create a national network.

  • We worked with tens of thousands of circuits across the United States and had over 400 carrier partners
  • We had to understand every type of technology and every type of network vendor

In essence, we lived the challenges you face everyday.

How We See It: The Challenge

Through our hands-on experience we know how important it is to have visibility of the service you are delivering. But we also know that most network solutions have challenges with visibility into off-net service provider services. For one customer circuit, there could be four to five underlying networks, compounding the challenge.

A Better Way: Introducing OcularIP™

Our frustration with the status quo led us to believe there had to be a better way to monitor networks. It was that frustration that led us to found LB Networks and develop the most affordable, comprehensive and intuitive monitoring and reporting customer portal solution in the industry: OcularIP™.

With OcularIP, you get true network visibility with one clear, concise reporting mechanism. We know OcularIP is the right solution for you because we developed it exactly for your needs.

A Worry-Free Solution

At LB Networks we build you a custom solution with private hosting, all maintained with high-level professional service.

  • You don’t need servers
  • You don’t have to worry about storing data
  • You select the options, making it a truly customized solution

You can rest assured that your data is in a safe environment and that no one else can access that information.

You Maintain Control

With OcularIP, you can monitor your own circuits, off-net circuits and provide customers access to the data you want to show them. You get to maintain customer relations and improve customer service.

OcularIP Today: The Industry Leader

OcularIP provides fast and easy reporting and monitoring. In fact, 50+ service providers worldwide use OcularIP to:

  • Improve their customer experience
  • Enhance service delivery
  • Reduce operating costs

Make the Switch

LB Networks exists to ensure our customers have every tool available to optimize their networks. We deliver state of the art technology, professional results and peace of mind. When you’re ready to see the difference LB Networks can make for your network, contact the experts.

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