Local Backhaul Networks’ OcularIP wins wireless backhaul business for Conterra Broadband

April 16, 2012|LB Networks

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San Francisco, CA  USA  – April 16, 2012 – Local Backhaul Networks announced today that the OcularIP SLA portal application has been recognized by Conterra Broadband Services as being a significant factor in Conterra winning business and showcasing their network performance.

Conterra® is one of the nation’s largest Ethernet and TDM transport carriers that specializes in the design, deployment and operation of customized high capacity backhaul networks in underserved areas.

Reporting of Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance has become mandatory in the mobile backhaul and commercial Ethernet transport markets.  Like most operators, Conterra’s network consists of multiple segments transporting multiple customers, each with independent Service Level Agreements. To showcase their network performance, Conterra selected the service assurance portal, OcularIP, from Local Backhaul Networks. Being able to provide each customer a customized SLA assurance portal is a clear competitive advantage that has consistently helped Conterra win new business.

LBN’s Ocular IP was developed and refined over several years to be intuitive and very customizable. A key feature allows the portal to show real-time micro-second performance metrics down to the minute level.

“OcularIP is the portal solution that is not tethered to a manufacturer. It shows that we’re in 100% compliance with wireless carriers’ contractual SLA requirements,” said Craig Simpson, Conterra’s Vice President of Sales.

OcularIP is intuitive and very customizable, which allows us to show real-time performance metrics that best showcase our capabilities. OcularIP is an open architecture, so we feel confident it will grow with us as we install future technologies.”

John Marquis, Vice President of Operations, Conterra Broadband Services went on to state With OcularIP deployed, Conterra can easily see individual circuit segments – critical for isolating issues and resolving them before they impact the network. In a build-versus-buy scenario, there Is no comparison.”

About Local Backhaul Networks

Local Backhaul Networks is a network engineering and application development organization. Local Backhaul Networks provides professional engineering services and software platforms that enable service providers to succeed in the fast growing market segments of mobile backhaul, Ethernet business and Cloud services.  Local Backhaul Networks solutions include: OcularIPTM, the industry’s leading IP circuit performance monitoring and reporting portal, and W.O.O.D (Wireless/line Operators Optimization Database).   Local Backhaul Networks has provided engineering services and software solutions to the nation’s largest wireless carriers, MSOs, IOCs, IXCs and enterprises and is head-quartered in Chesterfield Missouri. For more information, contact: or

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About Conterra Broadband networks

Conterra® is a highly experienced Ethernet and TDM transport carrier that specializes in the design, deployment and operation of customized transport networks in rural areas. During the last decade they have connected more than a thousand rural sites in eighteen states, bringing high-capacity transport service to the cellular and educational industries.  Today Conterra® is among the largest and most experienced rural broadband transport providers in the US.  Conterra® utilizes their own fiber, customized microwave networks and aggregated fiber from smaller providers to reach sites with high-capacity Ethernet services, at the most economical costs.  Conterra is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.  For more information, contact