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Log4j Vulnerability No Match for OcularIP: LB Networks One of First Companies to Respond

December 13, 2021|LB Networks

As part of our security program designed to ensure the security and integrity of data, protect against security threats or data breaches, and prevent unauthorized access to the data and environments of our customers, OcularIP has been updated to offer protection against the Log4j vulnerability.

LB Networks was one of the first companies to do so as part of our rapid response to safeguard our customers.

The LB Networks security team was made aware of the vulnerability and followed security remediation protocols to resolve the situation. These included:

  • Identifying the impact
  • Quantifying the impact
  • Simultaneously developing a patch
  • Testing the patch
  • Monitoring the patch

All OcularIP and Accedian SLA Portal (VisionMetrix) users were notified. The OcularIP platform’s unique architecture, extensive security infrastructure and organizational support enabled remediation within hours of the Log4j identification.

In addition, LB Networks released a patch for the OcularIP vCollector application for customers. The download and update of the vCollector takes approximately 5 minutes.