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November 23, 2015|LB Networks


A special thank you to the OcularIP customers and partners that presented how OcularIP is leading the way in LSO functionality during the MEF’s GEN15 show!



We heard from several people including MEF officials, that the Proof of Concept from Cox with Accedian’s VisionMETRIX was the leading demonstration of LSO functionality at GEN15!

Congratulations to the teams at Accedian and Cox Business.


Our own Jeremy N gained notoriety in the LSO Hackathon contributing to the development of LSO APIs that will enable all users to take advantage of OcularIP’s:

  • Multi-operator LSO performance assurance monitoring and reporting functions!
  • Integrated Network on Demand functions.
  • Support for 240+ technologies today
  • Integration w/ SDN, REST, SSO APIs.
  • Meet AT&T and all CTBH report mandates.

GEN15 OcularIP Highlights from show Graphic


Messrs Raymond Chiu and Robert Kittner analyze how if all carriers took advantage of OcularIP’s  LSO features – like the current 77 OcularIP customers – it would make the world one big happy, agile, assured network.

But for now if you want to learn more about how OcularIP can meet your PMR and Customer Portal requirements please contact us.



LB Networks team will be at GEN15 and we hope to see you there!

 See a Demo of LSO in production!!

Please join us at the MEF GEN15 event where OcularIP will showcase real networks that leverage LSO functions today.

  •  76 Service Provider clients.
  • Multi-operator networks using OcularIP’ s LSO performance assurance today!
  • Integrated Network on Demand today!
  • 240+ technologies supported today
  • SDN, REST, SSO APIs today.
  • Meet AT&T and all CTBH report mandates.
  • Integrated Customer Portal.
  • Private Branded – Your portal your brand.
  • Customer Self Service.

To learn more about how service providers are growing the success of their IP, backhaul, CE2.0, and 3rd Network initiatives please contact us to schedule a meeting.

Fun Facts OcularIP GEN15 3rd Net LSO

  • Our customers account for 12 of the MEF Excellence Awards to be handed out Tuesday Nov. 17, 2015.
  • Our software architects were chosen to participate in the MEF LSO Hackathon.
  • LB Networks CECP Top Guns will be attending the GEN15 CECP convention.
  • We have 16 customers and partners that are sponsors of this year’s GEN15 event.
  • OcularIP has the most 3rd Network and LSO functions in use today in the market.