New OcularIP Features Save Current Clients Thousands of Dollars in SLA Credits

March 20, 2023|LB Networks

The new OcularIP features, including the Optimize AT&T Report (OAR) Program leverages industry best practices to prevent profit drain and increase savings. These features have already helped customers save tens of thousands of dollars (read more about savings in our blog post, Carrier Saves Thousands in AT&T Penalties by Switching to OcularIP).

Read on to find out how we do it, and how it could work for your business.

An OcularIP customer, a regional fiber carrier that was featured in a use case several years ago (read AT&T Report Use Case: Carrier B reduced reported violations by 85%!) highlighting their savings with OcularIP, still had numerous fails on their CSBH report.

When one of OcularIP’s CSBH specialists was reviewing the new enhancements with Carrier B’s business analyst, they pointed out how the new advanced analytics can help them identify and automate areas to reduce penalties.

OcularIP’s new optimization BOOST identifies micro issues that can increase service availability and automatically identifies the least cost SLA option for the Carrier’s use. This advanced analytics and automation is not capable with standard (industry) trouble ticket availability platforms today. The carrier uses this report to enhance their service level impact analysis and can see the before and after results.

Check out what happened before and after Carrier B made these changes:

AT&T CSBH Report

Before: 88% circuits passing

After: 95% circuits passing

Plus: savings per circuit fail from 50% MRC to 25% MRC!

Carrier B realized thousands of dollars of additional savings per month. This is from the new enhancements available to every OcularIP client at no additional charge. Contact us to learn more.