OcularIP 5.2 and vCollector are live!

October 04, 2018|LB Networks

OcularIP Live

OcularIP Release 5.2, vCollector and oConnector advance optimization of compliance assurance and customer experience!

OcularIP Release 5.2 is in production with over 120 carrier and Fortune 100 enterprises taking advantage of its new features and enhancements. The OcularIP cloud native platform enables these new functions automatically, so OcularIP customers can consume these services at their convenience.

Highlights include the industry’s first vCollector and oConnector app services!

The vCollector, or Virtual Collector, is a microservice application for collecting data in virtualized environments. The oConnector or Open Connector, provides a framework to map data for ingestion into OcularIP. Today OcularIP supports over 360 different technologies, these new apps expand OcularIP’s ability to consume data from many sources, such as network technologies, NFV, VNFs, SD-WAN applications, data lakes, etc.

Mix Manufacturer – Single Service Analytics

OcularIP 5.2 now solves the challenge carriers face in providing holistic service analytics, compliance reporting and visualization of services that are built upon a mixture of technologies and manufacturers. For example, a CE service is often comprised of a mixture of manufacturer technologies that have different implementations of metrics, granularity, timing, etc. OcularIP collects and normalizes these metrics providing complete and optimized analysis, reporting and visualization of a service. Carriers are now free to select the best technology or integrate new networks to achieve their business objectives.

Multi-Carrier, Multi-Technology Use Case

A powerful use case is when carriers combine this mix-technology support with OcularIP’s multi-carrier support.  Multi-carrier support is being used by dozens of carriers today and consists of tow or more carriers sharing PMR data. This functionality directly eliminates the need for “nid or CPE stacking” at sites, reducing costs and TTR, proving a direct pay back on OcularIP investment. This off-net and member carrier service management is a growing application for OcularIP users.  Now combine OcularIP’s multi-carrier support with mix-technology analytics for circuit segments and carriers completely eliminate the need for additional CPE, reduce points of failure, remove vendor lock-in, improve experience and is unique in the industry. Carriers can implement this today with their current technologies, carrier partners and environment.

“OcularIP has always been a leader in the breadth of technologies and systems supported” stated Richard Martin Sr Director OcularIP Development. He continued “Now customers can expand on each element’s ability to capture statistics and build the optimal view of the service being delivered.”

Comprehensive release notes are on customer’s portal. Some of the key feature sets include:

  • New reporting features including CoS, AT&T reporting, custom text, etc.
  • Enhancements to live geo-mapping capability.
  • Enrichments to the Trouble ticket editor, Single Sign On, REST APIs, plus more.
  • Role based user level enhancements including increased functionality in moderator level.
  • Custom notification leveraging Domain and Favorites filtering.
  • New technologies including Calix E5/E7, new products from Cisco, Juniper, Nokia direct polling and Raisecom.

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