OcularIP Boosts SLA Reporting for a 67% Reduction in Penalties

August 16, 2022|LB Networks

We recently met with a customer to review their SLA reporting. They had just learned that the month before they had 93 circuit failures in their SLA reporting to AT&T, but they knew that couldn’t be right.

Those failures equated to over $93,000 in penalties. In just ONE month! That meant lost revenue, but even worse, it meant negative revenue the following month.

Our team did an assessment and was able to use OcularIP to optimize their wireless SLA reporting and reduce their 93 circuit failures by 60 circuits. That’s a 67% reduction in failures, which equates to HUGE savings. With the optimized report from OcularIP, they were able to show the true performance of their network and minimize those penalties.

Next month, they will be able to optimize their reports to boost their SLA reporting and continue the savings (while also doing work to further reduce their circuit failures).

They are also re-submitting their prior month SLA report with the 93 failures to request a credit back.

We see this all the time. Carriers can easily optimize their reports and boost their SLA Reporting with OcularIP. Contact us to learn more.