OcularIP customer portal app drives carriers’ revenues.

September 25, 2013|LB Networks

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Customer dynamic bandwidth ordering and new APIs deliver a customer portal for carriers at a fraction of the cost and time.

September 25, 2013 COMPTEL Orlando, FL  – Local Backhaul Networks announces a new release of OcularIP™, its industry leading performance portal. OcularIP Rev3.3 includes a multitude of new features that increase its effectiveness in driving revenues and improving customer satisfaction for service providers.

The Private Branding Plus™ enhancement allows carriers to completely customize the OcularIP customer portal with their corporate and brand identity. Unlike many applications that only provide logo replacement, OcularIP allows carriers to utilize their logos plus customize themes, graphics, colors and nomenclature, insuring a consistent and compelling customer interaction.

For years, OcularIP has provided notifications to carriers and end users of circuit utilization. Now OcularIP’s Dynamic Bandwidth Ordering API makes it easy for customers to utilize the portal to increase their network bandwidth.  End users can directly request additional capacity on-demand through the customer portal.  Dynamic Bandwidth Ordering is one of OcularIP’s Performance Connect™ family of application programming interfaces (APIs).

Performance Connect™ is a collection of APIs that leverages OcularIP’s extensive data analytics and open architecture to enhance integration into service providers’ OSS/BSS, security and emerging SDN environments. Performance Connect™ enables service providers to present a network-as-a-service utility model, for true service and value differentiation.

In addition, OcularIP’s Performance Connect™ API’s provide Single-Sign-On (SSO) and integration with other existing carrier applications such as provisioning, inventory control and trouble ticketing systems. With Single-Sign-On Integration, customers bypass the complexities of dissimilar login and authentication. The SSO API enables the service provider to utilize their current identity management processes (IDM) and access permissions of each customer within OcularIP, greatly reducing the burden on both the carrier and the customer.

OcularIP’s Performance Connect™ application programming interfaces facilitate the integration with SDN and/or SON controllers. The Performance Connect™ APIs offer Representation State (REST) extensibility in addition to supporting future OpenFlow protocols evolving in the SDN ecosystem.

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