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OcularIP Makes it Easy to Meet Tier1 Cellular Requirements

February 27, 2015|LB Networks

tier1 cell requirements

Tier1 cell providers’ MSAs mandate SLA monitoring, reporting and a portal for their use and review of wireless backhaul services. OcularIP™ makes it easy to meet the mandates and requirements of all wireless carriers and avoid non-compliance with comprehensive performance and SLA reporting.

The SLA Performance Data Requirements You Need

With OcularIP it’s easy to administer your contractual agreements and deliver SLA performance data requirements through performance assurance reports.

While other performance reporting portals specify some of the statistics to meet Tier1 cellular requirements, they can’t provide the format required. OcularIP reports what the circuit did over the last 30 days (or any period) and provides it in a user selected format; Excel, HTML, PDF.  You can use the standard reports and/or customize the metrics and field labels for each wireless carrier. However, one of the biggest advantages is the intuitive and flexible maintenance editor. Transport carriers can easily enter exclusion periods, tie in trouble ticket systems, or leverage smart maintenance periods – only deducting the time your service is down not the whole maintenance period.

OcularIP Reduces Trouble Tickets

With OcularIP, Tier1 cell providers can log on the portal, see all activity and proactively manage their services, making adjustments to cell towers on an as-needed basis. This results in fewer network violations, a reduction in the number of calls to your customer support center and fewer trouble tickets.

In fact, analysis shows a return on investment of over 170% based on savings achieved using the OcularIP SLA portal in a carrier Ethernet environment. Savings are the result of the reduction of SLA violation credits and direct operating expenses. With the provider leveraging OcularIP’s metrics for monitoring and reporting, the number of violations not caused by hard outage (such as fiber cuts) can be significantly reduced, along with the MTTR.

The Granular Detail You Need

With OcularIP, granular data is kept for 6 months, with down-to-the-minute reporting capabilities. You can select timeframes by circuit for granular performance data, rather than having the system put data into predefined categories. Plus, you can go back and add maintenance, exclusion or outage periods that make it easy to rerun the report for a more accurate reading.

Get OcularIP Today

OcularIP can provide the best in SLA Performance Reports. Beyond that, analysis shows portal use creates positive cash flow, reduced expenses and improved customer satisfaction levels vs. carrier Ethernet networks without a portal. Contact the experienced team at LB Networks to learn how OcularIP can help you meet Tier1 cellular requirements.