Why OcularIP is Performance Management’s New Best Friend

November 20, 2014|LB Networks

Why OcularIP is Performance Management’s New Best Friend

OcularIP™ is the industry’s leading performance monitoring and SLA assurance portal. Developed by LB Networks and used by companies in the wireless, fiber transport and MSOs industries, OcularIP helps service providers grow their businesses.

As a national Ethernet carrier, Conterra recently recognized OcularIP as one of their success factors:

 “With OcularIP deployed, Conterra can easily see individual circuit segments – critical for isolating issues and resolving them before they impact the network.”

– John Marquis, Vice President of Operations

“OcularIP is the portal solution that is not tethered to a manufacturer. It shows that we’re in 100% compliance with wireless carriers’ contractual SLA requirements. OcularIP is intuitive and very customizable, which allows us to show real-time performance metrics that best showcase our capabilities. OcularIP is an open architecture, so we feel confident it will grow with us as we install future technologies.”

– Craig Simpson, Vice President of Sales

So what makes OcularIP such a valuable asset to transport carrier companies like Conterra? Let’s take a look at 10 of the reasons why Ocular IP is performance management’s new best friend:

  1. Multi-vendor support

OcularIP’s open architecture allows it to utilize technologies that account for more than 85% of the carrier Ethernet market.

Built from the ground up as an SaaS vendor-independent solution, OcularIP brings together data from multiple sources so you can use existing equipment without investing in additional technology. 

  1. Choose circuits (in multiple domains!)

OcularIP is the only reporting system that gives you the freedom to select where a circuit resides and allows it to reside in multiple user-defined domains such as by customer, region, CO/headend, offnet and/or service type.

  1. Top-tier statistical analysis (because every (micro)second counts!)

From A to Z and Z to A and all points in between, OcularIP tracks up to 212 KPIs for each segment of a circuit every microsecond (depending on network technology). All of which is included with each circuit license.

  1. Measure service against multiple levels

OcularIP gives you the option to measure your service against more than one level including:

  • Custom threshold levels
  • SLAs
  • Historical baseline
  1. Cutting-edge iPad app

With the recognition that service providers need real-time performance management and reporting (even when outside of the network operations center), Ocular IP was the first to release an iPad app that provides instant access and allows for complete portability.

  1. Use your brand and graphics

OcularIP makes it easy to incorporate your brand and graphics and your existing systems and credentials for a seamless integration and a consistent brand experience for your customers.

  1. Simplified reporting

Automate the arduous task of SLA performance and validation reports. You can meet all of your customer demands from cell providers to enterprises. OcularIP simplifies the reporting process; select from pre-programmed reports by wireless carrier to your own custom reports where you can define what your users see, when they see it, and how it is delivered.

  1. Easy-to-use and understand

The rich user interface features the simplicity of “point and click” access to easily build custom screens and easy-to-understand dashboards.

  1. More contracted circuits than all other portals combined

OcularIP is based on an open architecture giving it customizable features and the highest number of contracted circuits. Plus, it’s easy for new subscribers to import circuits into the database, regardless of how many circuits they’ve previously deployed into their networks.

  1. Grows with you

The deployment cost is directly correlated with revenues, so you can pay-as-you-go and pay-as-you-grow as circuits easily scale from 10-100,000.

When you’re ready to see how the leading service assurance portal can showcase your network performance, contact the experts at Local Backhaul Networks.