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OcularIP Provides Unmatched Scaling for ALU 5620 SAM

January 30, 2015|LB Networks

OcularIP Provides Unmatched Scaling for ALU 5620 SAM

Most carrier networks today have invested in a diverse set of technology vendors. And at LB Networks we are open to all technologies. You choose what is best for your network and we’ll support you with OcularIP™, the most flexible and cost-effective way to collect and provide custom performance metrics.

We are on the cutting edge of technology updates and are enhancing our support of Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) technologies. The recent OcularIP 3.4 release allows us to offer scalable integration with 5620 Service Aware Manager (SAM) releases 10, 11 and 12, giving us the ability to scale with ALU technology unlike any other partner.

About ALU 5620 Service Aware Manager

The ALU 5620 SAM is an integrated element/network management system that provides service-level visibility and assurance, simplified operations and advanced IP troubleshooting capabilities. It spans the entire ALU IP and IP-integrated optical network from access to metro to core, including the packet core, mobile backhaul and LTE Radio Access Network for wireless networks. The 5620 SAM provides a common interface to manage both virtualized and physical ALU network functions.

One Simple Solution: OcularIP

We know how challenging it can be to monitor all of your technologies, so OcularIP™ allows you to integrate multiple, multi-vendor data sources. This includes network devices, network probes, proprietary applications and element management systems from network equipment vendors for LTE, IMS and Ethernet backhaul components.

Combining this multi-vendor support with the data now available from the 5620 SAM, carriers now can have customized real-time reporting, alerts, alarms and baselining of data, all from a single, easy-to-use portal.

OcularIP makes the complexity of performance assurance simple. You can now:

  • Showcase networks performance via real-time dashboards and custom reports
  • Customize reports on-demand on a per-circuit or per-customer basis
  • Easily create internal and external dashboards on demand
  • Provide real-time reports and dashboards for customers- reducing support calls
  • Reduce mean time to respond and repair with customized alerts
  • Provide operations and sales teams with capacity planning and utilization
  • Install OcularIP simply and easily in just days

Plus, you don’t have to install new servers or pay for the creation of new reports.

LB Networks: An ALU Connected Partner

LB Networks is one of a handful of companies chosen to participate in the Alcatel-Lucent OSS Connected Partner Program. Under the program, Alcatel-Lucent certifies interoperability of the OcularIP API integration as a ConnectedPlus application for the ALU 5620 SAM, simplifying your job and improving your network.

An OcularIP Example in Action

A Regional Service Provider built a statewide network supporting multiple wireless operators.  The network uses ALU technology along with the 5620 SAM System. This service provider has contracts in place that mandate detailed and specific circuit performance reporting for their customers.

OcularIP was set up showcasing a fully customized and private branded SLA portal in less than one day. Over 900 circuits began reporting granular performance statistics from 5620 SAM into the customers via OcularIP SLA Portal the day OcularIP API to 5620 SAM was turned up.

Sign Up for OcularIP

Whether you are a telephone company, cable company, utility company or a telecommunication company, we can reduce your workload and provide more granular data. Contact the experienced team at LB Networks to see OcularIP in action today.


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