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OcularIP R7 Saves Millions & Wins Business!

March 04, 2024|LB Networks

Optimize everything better with OcularIP R7

R7 advances OcularIP’s analytics intelligence fortifying its position as the best in availability calculations. Plus, the optimized availability calculations are integrated in our customer-facing Business Service Portal, ensuring your clients see your true, best network performance.

T-Mobile Optimization for Site Availability and Reporting

Key Benefit: Reduced Penalties to T-Mobile!

OcularIP’s boosted analytics provides optimal results for true site and market performance service levels.

Refute T-Mobile Reports

T-Mobile’s supplied report issues → → OcularIP Solution answers

  1. Invalid calculations → → True calculations per MSA definitions
  2. PMR test data discrepancies→ → Irrevocable Data & Information
  3. Not accurate extenuating events→ → Automated tickets/micro exclusions
  4. Wrong EVC, Site and Market “Fails”→ → Multi-Level Site & Market Availability
OcularIP Support includes custom variances for T-Mo:

Carrier Specific Site Analytics

  • 5 flexible user-defined periods
  • Graduated scale periods
  • Site = Composite multi-circuit metrics

Carrier Market-Based Analytics

  • Your specific SLAs for markets
  • Track market performance based
  • Number of sites or % of sites
Compliant T-Mobile Report Formatting

Match your report with T-Mobile’s provided report. EVC by EVC by site. Identify T-Mo discrepancies and provide supporting documentation. Track performance during the month to identify areas of focus and potential issues prior to becoming failures in T-Mobile report.

Downtime Report: means better Impact Analysis

Increase efficiency and identify unseen exclusions.

  • Improve business & reporting workflow with efficient impact analysis.
  • Single source report identifies exclusions not feasible manually.

Stop the race to $0.

“Our new customer portal, CNI Insights (powered by BSP), delivers on our commitment to elevating the customer experience.” – Ryan Bailey, CEO, CNI

Business Services Portal’s PGA unique value
  • Protect current accounts vs competition
  • Grow revenue from accounts – ARPU
  • Acquire new accounts – differentiate your services
Don’t discount your service. Differentiate it!

Increase margins and shorten the sales cycle with BSP! As Ben Edmond, CEO of Connectbase stated: “If you’re a seller out there, you want to position your platform, your capital investment, and your network services differently from the other alternatives.”

“BSP is a competitive differentiator for us! It has become the focus of our customer retention and growth program.” - National Carrier Product Manager

You, too, can have the power to save with OcularIP and BSP.
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T-Mobile Boosted Optimization Analytics for Site Availability and Reporting

OcularIP and BSP: January 2024 Release Saves Users Millions