OcularIP Saves Midwest Service Provider $27,000 in One Month

November 10, 2023|LB Networks

Got penalties? We will help. A Midwest service provider came to us in a panic after receiving a demand for outrageous monthly service credits as part of their SLA reporting.

Thanks to OcularIP and our team’s industry expertise, we were able to move them from 24.2% fail to 5.8% fail, leading to a 76% reduction in penalties.

That is roughly $27,000 in savings in just this one month, much less than we charge for one year of OcularIP.

And that extended to one year is over a $330,000 savings to this carrier customer!

LB Networks has the intelligence and optimizations to help you fight unfair monthly service credits. Contact us to learn more!


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OcularIP Saves users $356/circuit/year on average