OcularIP saves users $356/circuit/year on average.

And that's not the half of it.

OcularIP boosts network performance reporting and gives backhaul service providers an edge to win more high-value accounts, improve cash flow, and grow your business.

Meet SLA requirements & reduce fees

Our clients save thousands in backhaul penalties each month.

Give your customers a Portal - within days

Our Business Service Portal will be your biggest revenue-generator.

Reduce Call Center call

Our clients eliminate unnecessary trouble calls, saving 17% per month.

OcularIP delivers an exceptional ROI

Cut expenses. Win new accounts. Outperform the competition.

Up and running within hours

OcularIP is cloud-native, easy to deploy, and so intuitive most people don't require training.

What all is included

Automate ecompliance

Automate ecompliance

With OcularIP, reporting is no longer a specialist task. It can be done in minutes.

Easily report on all dimensions of your network performance – even those that are off-net – with unlimited scalability and micro-granularity. OcularIP provides true end-to-end visibility so you can know your network, inside and out, and define SLA terms you’re sure you can meet.

OcularIP is so intuitive that many people don’t require training. (Still, we offer training quarterly – with each new and improved release of OcularIP.)

Off-net reporting – only OcularIP does it

Off-net reporting – only OcularIP does it

OcularIP is the only SLA monitoring solution that provides off-net visibility and reporting. See your entire network together – including portions you’re buying – to mitigate issues, cut penalties and optimize performance.

Save thousands on backhaul penalties

Save thousands on backhaul penalties

OcularIP optimizes SLA compliance through unique exclusion periods and smart maintenance calculations. Our clients save thousands in backhaul penalties each month. Carriers report a reduction in failure calculations and payouts to Tier1 providers by a ratio of 8 to 1.

Give your customers a custom Portal – within days

Give your customers a custom Portal – within days

OcularIP includes our new Business Service Portal which will be your highest ROI product and biggest revenue-generator. It makes it easy to offer your customers a branded portal – so you can wow clients and win new high-value accounts.

Turn the Portal on within days to give your customers real-time access to the network information they want.

Easily create up to 3 custom portals, at different price points. Click on the KPIs and graphs you want your customers to see, save, assign, you’re done.

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Save thousands more. Consult with our SLA Analysts.

Save thousands more. Consult with our SLA Analysts.

Further boost your network’s reporting and revenues. Our SLA Business Analysts will work with you to implement all industry best practices and help you get the very most out of OcularIP.

We have proven our network optimization process hundreds of times with hundreds of carriers and have consistently generated massive improvements, including from 0% to 98% passing. Now, it’s your turn.

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Works with your existing technology

Works with your existing technology

From inventory management to trouble ticketing systems and more, OcularIP easily integrates with more than 450 technologies. We are always adding new integrations (APIs) and welcome your requests.

Our free software development kit (SDK) will help you set up the integrations and get your systems talking with OcularIP, or you can hire our expert developers to do it for you.

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Secure to financial standards & then some

Secure to financial standards & then some

The world’s largest financial content provider trusts OcularIP. We meet the security requirements for all major carriers and enterprise commercial customers, including financial institutions, governments, and healthcare providers.

We also maintain a security program designed to ensure the security and integrity of data, protect against security threats or data breaches, and prevent unauthorized access to the data and environments of our customers. To learn more, download our Security white paper.

Up and running in minutes (cloud-native)

Up and running in minutes (cloud-native)

OcularIP was born in the cloud – there are no servers or equipment to deal with, and it works with your existing systems. You can be up and saving money with OcularIP in just hours.


Worldwide, more than 140 service providers are collaborating with OcularIP.

Consolidated Communications
Cox Business


99% of our clients choose to stay with OcularIP month after month, year after year.

"Our announcement about OcularIP supports our commitment to enhance our customers’ experience by bringing an assured service view. This provides customers enhanced visibility into our network performance and validates our service levels."

- Mark Dyman, Senior Vice President, Kinetic Wholesale

"Subscribing to OcularIP allowed us to immediately meet the strict reporting requirements of our wireless customers. In addition the auto-discovery and provisioning of our current circuits saved us hours of time allowing 702 Communications to quickly turn up the system and leverage its tracking and reporting capabilities."

- Jim Walters, President and CEO, 702 Communications

"Great Plains selected OcularIP because of its customization flexibility, multi-technology support and compliance capabilities. Great Plains uses different manufacturers in our network infrastructure, we need an equipment agnostic solution for providing our customers SLA assurance."

- Kurt VanHoogstrate, VP of Engineering, Great Plains

"During the entire project we upgraded a total of 92 routers. Through all of those upgrades we never once had to roll back an upgrade due to an issue. Your perseverance in addressing all issues allowed the project to continue to move forward. Another factor in our success was the ability to look forward and identify risks (potential issues) so that we were able to avoid them. LBN’s experience was instrumental in identifying these risks."

- Ron Smith, VP of Sales, Juniper Networks

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