Performance Assurance Trends – Colt

November 17, 2015|LB Networks

performance assurance trends

Accedian Networks has recently received attention over their product, VisionMETRIX™, after Colt deployed the SaaS platform. Colt, a $1.6 billion dollar service provider headquartered in the UK, is using VisionMETRIX for their newly launched extranet service—Colt Prizmnet—making it an excellent example of how performance assurance is moving across sectors in the telecom space.

VisionMetrix is a white labeled version of LB Networks’ OcularIP. LB Networks sells OcularIP directly and through re-sellers. Colt is using OcularIP and marketing its customer portal capabilities – in this case to their financial customers in their Colt “Capital Markets” solution line of business.

Performance assurance is becoming more of an importance in the industry. With the rise of global expansion, this is where the market is heading. Colt is the first service provider to deploy VisionMetrix globally through their financial extranet, allowing all financial operators to cohesively view the performance of all their circuits from a single dashboard.

OcularIP has demonstrated its sophisticated and intuitive technology, allowing precise reporting and complete customer transparency to be made possible. OcularIP consistently delivers unmatched scaling performance monitoring solutions that continuously outperform alternatives. Learn how OcularIP can help your business.

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