Solve the Type2 dilemma with off-net access analytics

October 18, 2021|LB Networks


The 80/20 Rule holds true for carriers. 80% of issues are in the last mile! Unfortunately for carriers, the last mile is often a Type2 or Off-Net circuit. Our team used to operate a network where 99.5% of all circuits were off-net – that’s what led us to develop OcularIP.

Unlike legacy systems, OcularIP was born in the cloud – it is a true cloud-native application designed by carrier operators for carriers. We created OcularIP for network use – it supports nearly 500 different technologies and carrier-based systems.  What can it do to solve the off-net dilemma?

  1. Notification of off-net issues – OcularIP can automatically notify your team on off-net type2 circuit issues! Through its Analytics Intelligence, OcularIP will generate events, notifications, and reports. You can see end to end, end to NNI, and/or NNI to customer premise.
  2. Notify off-net suppliers of issues on their circuits – OcularIP can automatically generate notifications to be sent to your suppliers. Even better, you can provide them access to view their circuit. This results in greatly reduced problem identification and definition time. Since they can’t restore until they know they have an issue, restoral time is greatly reduced as well.
  3. Reduce time to restore – You can both view the same circuit and its performance – working together with a constant daily, weekly, or monthly operating view. This will start the notification credit process and reduce or eliminate time frames for access supplier credits.
  4. Real time audit and service assurance – Receive additional SLA credits. Leverage OcularIP’s ability to identify – with detailed precision and accuracy – the performance, measurement, and reporting (PMR) of access supplier non-compliance. This has resulted in carriers receiving an additional 10% identification and collection of service credits in the first year.
    1. Sample process: OcularIP identifies timeframes where an access supplier was out of compliance for performance, availability, and utilization based on KPIs identified in carrier MSAs. The platform automatically creates “alerts” which initiate actions such as sending emails to access suppliers and/or creating audits of non-compliance. If the access supplier justifies the outage, carriers can still track access supplier tickets as excluded (all PMR granular details are kept), and the carrier can leverage analytics for other business decisions. Chronic sites = number of exclusion timeframes by geography/market/mtso; possibly carrier should have alternative fiber to locations.
  1. Reduced time to receive credits – With OcularIP, time for credit realization (cash) is reduced from 180 days to 60 days.
  2. Reduce staff time to try to collect and evaluate off-net carriers
  3. Operational conformance – Improve your quality assurance and process management by leveraging a standardization of PMR reporting and processes from access suppliers and internal organizations.
  4. Generate report cards for off-net carriers who are underperforming services and for access vendors – Let them know how they are doing with empirical reports at your fingertips.
  5. Evaluate and correlate access vendor performance with costs – Reduce outages and improve backhaul performance and carrier service with on-going analytics of underperforming services. Even if all services are performing within specifications, carriers still have the ability to analyze services in domains, trends, and “drifts” in service delivery.
  6. Optimize service delivery from access vendors – Based upon trend analysis, carriers will have tools to identify when additional bandwidth or services are required.

These are just some of the many Analytics Intelligence functions in OcularIP. This functionality is inherent in all carriers’ infrastructure. OcularIP unlocks these capabilities with its multi-tenant, multi-user, multi-technology, multi-system, multi-service web scale architecture.

140+ carriers are currently using OcularIP to optimize their PASSes, report TRUE performance and save real money: $356 per circuit per year on average!

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