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Stop the Race to $0 – A New Sales Journey | INDATEL Annual Symposium

September 05, 2023|LB Networks

Bob Kittner, EVP Worldwide Sales, LB Networks recently spoke at the 17th Annual INDATEL Symposium.

In his presentation, “Stop the Race to $0 – A New Sales Journey”, Bob discussed the massive transformation happening in the customer journey and the pressure that fiber-based services companies are facing to decrease margins.

Bob references Channel Magazine & HubSpot’s 2022 Sales Strategy & Trends Report, a survey of over 1,000 sales professionals, that led to 5 key challenges for sales teams in 2023:

  1. Stand out vs. competition
  2. Meeting and exceeding quotas
  3. Connecting with prospects
  4. Keeping prospects engaged
  5. Alignment with marketing

(Read our full white paper on that survey here.)

Bottom line: Sales teams need something to differentiate their services, and companies expect premium customer care and self service more than ever.

That’s where LB Networks’ Business Service Portal comes in.

The Business Service Portal powers your revenue by making it easy to offer your customers a branded portal. Easily create custom portal offerings, all with different features, and sell them at different price points.

✓ Grow current accounts

✓ Win more & bigger new accounts

✓ Increase your margins

✓ Reduce churn & satisfy customers

✓ Brand it with your logos & more

✓ Quickly configure multiple service options

✓ A new product within days

Don’t discount your service, differentiate it. ​Contact us to learn more.