T-Mobile Boosted Optimization Analytics for Site Availability and Reporting

February 05, 2024|LB Networks

Key Benefit: Reduced Penalties to T-Mobile!

OcularIP’s new advanced analytics intelligence provides users with optimized results to provide true service site and market performance reporting.

Users are employing these OcularIP functions to respond to T-Mobile credit requests by showing the true performance of their services. The information and data provided by OcularIP can identify shortcomings in the report T-Mobile provides to carriers. OcularIP’s data often reveals inconsistencies in T-Mobile’s reports, including non-applicable calculations, PMR test data variances, lack of extenuating circumstances and not accurately reflecting the carrier’s specific MSA’s SLAs and performance.

While carriers must counter unwarranted fails and associated credit requests from T-Mobile, OcularIP provides critical data to challenge these credit demands.

This latest OcularIP report provides irrevocable data along with additional flexibility that automates the optimization calculations to identify a carrier’s true performance delivery. This includes providing true site availability based upon the composite performance of the multiple circuits to a site! At any instance, OcularIP uses the best circuit performance in its calculations. Now the site availability and its associated credit identifiers leverage downtime calculated to the second for Packet Loss, Round Trip Delay, and Frame Jitter.

Due to variances in T-Mobile SLAs in MSAs, OcularIP makes it easy to adjust specific SLA analytics for your organization:
  1. Carrier Specific Site Credits
    • Carriers can enter 5 flexible user-defined availability periods.
    • These periods are based upon a graduated scale and identify the associated increase in credits as identified in your specific MSA.
  2. Market-Based Availability SLAs and Credits
    • Carriers can enter your specific availability threshold for a market.
    • In addition, you can track on a market basis, including failing site percentage vs your SLA and/or failing number of sites.
Compliant T-Mobile Report Formatting options are included.

You can quickly and easily analyze your performance in comparison to T-Mobile’s report. You will be able to identify discrepancies and provide supporting documentation such as exclusion periods, smart maintenance periods, alternate circuit performance (composite) and site availability easily and quickly. Carriers can track performance during the month to identify areas of focus and potential issues prior to becoming failures in T-Mobile report.

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