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Take Control of Your Customer Experience Management

January 22, 2015|LB Networks

Take Control of Your Customer Experience Management

It’s been said before, unfortunately the telecommunications industry ranks high on a bad list – poor customer service. According to the 2014 CX (Customer Experience) Index by Forrester Research 11% of telecommunications companies were rated as ‘Poor’ or ‘Very Poor’, 80% of organizations were rated ‘OK’ to ‘Good’ and 11% were rated as ‘Excellent’.

Obviously, ‘OK,’ ‘Poor’ and ‘Very Poor’ customer experience levels result in higher customer churn, costly support and slower growth, draining carrier resources. Much of these ratings are based on experiences driven by a “lack of information” or “lack of response” regarding network concerns. These concerns were often not a network issue or the carrier was aware of the network issue and working on a fix, but the customer wasn’t aware. Carriers worldwide are working on addressing this interaction with customers to improve CX and bottom lines.

CEM And Your Organization

CEM or customer experience management means focusing the operations and processes of a business around the needs of customers and their specific individual requirements.

For a lot of transport carriers this means adopting an operational approach to CEM by making sense of a myriad of data in a business perspective to ensure customers are satisfied.

Why bother? CEM can lead to an increase in upgrades, sales and revenues, better service levels, higher customer satisfaction, reduced churn, less service calls and lower operating costs and expenses.

Take Control of Your CEM

For network providers you must meet customers’ constantly evolving expectations by providing relevant, pertinent and customized information. Customers are requiring this information be provided via an easy-to-access portal providing an ongoing win-win for all parties:

  • Service providers can see how the customer solution has been performing and can monitor if their customer has logged in, what they looked at, if they made any complaints, etc.
  • Customers can review what they bought, what they used, what the costs mean and troubleshoot their circuits.

Working Proof: CEM In Action

One of North America’s largest multi-system operators has experienced results beyond their expectations through the use of these analytics, their customer portal and reports. They use these resources for wholesale carrier customers, as well as enterprise business clients. In field trials they noticed that instead of clients calling in to the support desk, they were logging-on, self-diagnosing and fixing their issues. Providing this information gave customers access to knowledge they didn’t have otherwise and allowed them to investigate, rather than blame.

Improve Your CEM Today

With customer experience standards rising all the time, LB Networks can help you better manage your CEM. Contact us today to learn about OcularIP™, our SLA performance measuring and assurance reporting customer portal that provides fast and easy reporting and up-to-date monitoring.

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