The 411 on AT&T CTBH Reporting

August 05, 2017|LB Networks


With OcularIP it’s easy to provide your monthly AT&T report(s)! Not only that, we will show you how you can save money by providing the proper information to AT&T and assist you in working with AT&T.

OcularIP has dozens of clients that don’t dread the 10th of the month. Why?

They click on the OcularIP AT&T Wireless Report and in minutes they have an accurate report that has proven to reduce their credits and appease AT&T.  How?

For  years OcularIP has enabled transport providers to meet the CTBH reporting requirements of AT&T and all the tier1 cell providers. What do we do that no other application or company does?

  • 6+ months of granular to the minute performance data.
  • Appropriately using AT&T mandated KPI calculations so you can reduce your SLA violations!
  • Retro-fit exclusion periods for maintenance, AT&T issues, or acts-of-god periods.
  • Leverage OcularIP’s smart maintenance to add up time back into your availability!
  • Composite SLA reporting –minute by minute best performance for multi-path circuits.
  • Exclusion periods for exceeding CIRs.
  • APIs to integrate with trouble ticketing systems.
  • Guaranteed approved AT&T format, labels and calculations!
  • Private branded customer portal.

In addition we will provide 4 hours of consulting time to jointly review your reports with AT&T!

OcularIP is the leading Performance Measuring and Reporting Customer portal. It supports over 340 network technologies representing over 90% of the CE market. You pay for what you use when you use it. We don’t require any term contracts, you can use it month to month. Intuitive use results in a quick installation. Installation in hours, not days nor weeks or even months.